New season: Heidi Klum speaks plainly to her critics – and throws four GNTM candidates straight out

Imagine it's GNTM and Heidi reaches out: Anyone who made himself comfortable on the couch at 8:15 p.

New season: Heidi Klum speaks plainly to her critics – and throws four GNTM candidates straight out

Imagine it's GNTM and Heidi reaches out: Anyone who made himself comfortable on the couch at 8:15 p.m. on Thursday to watch the start of season 18 out of habit/lust for blasphemy/masochism had to squint several times, because right at the beginning, the much scolded Klum addressed her critics. They have been accompanying the model competition since the TV launch in 2006, recently they had become louder again (YouTuber Rezo, ex-participants). Klum states: "I had to listen to a lot, especially last year."

For example, the accusation that only normal applicants had a chance at GNTM. The 49-year-old recalls that she herself was previously criticized for her body. At that time there was only one size for models: "Anyone who didn't fit in a size 34 could go home – like me many times." Old television interviews are faded in - Heidi Klum at Piers Morgan. Heidi Klum at Alfred Biolek. In focus: Klum's feminine forms. Too feminine for the ideal of the time. Klum holds up his own concern like a protective shield against the justified criticism that she hurts young women with her negative comments: "I know what it's like to be exposed to negative comments," she explains. But that time is over. You take "diversity" seriously. Really.

And no, GNTM is not scripted either: "Everything is real!" It's real reality and, as we know at least since Gigi Birofio's appearance in "Jungle Camp", there are very specific rules: Do everything, just no show! "Everything the models say is solely their decision," says Heidi Klum. GNTM is simply a “career platform” – how the girls use it or not, is their beer. Speaking of liquids: The fact that the young models' feet were rubbed with oil before fashion shows is not true, nor is the rumor that the catwalks or other things are being manipulated: "No shoes are sawed," says Heidi Klum and you need it almost as long as she did for her speech, namely almost 15 minutes to get this picture out of her head.

Klum also refers to the protection of minors, which views every program before it is broadcast. It's true that the candidates have to give up their cell phones when shooting, but that only makes sense: "They should concentrate and not spoil any content beforehand." Forgivingly, she calls out to her critics: "The show has evolved and I have evolved too." But this year she will again be looking for a "model with that certain something".

At first glance, there are more potential reality TV participants than top models among the 29 candidates. Above all, Elsa, who lives in Austria, describes herself as "eleven" on a scale of one to ten, stands casually about her sprayed lips and her shopping addiction and is remembered simply because she hardly understands English. Although: "English for Runways" also has something. Guest juror Winnie Harlow's criticism of her first catwalk in L.A. was interpreted by Elsa as praise: "She said that I had a fire in me and that I was a model," says the 18-year-old happily. Harlow had actually criticized the lack of fire in her performance.

Also striking: Katherine from Flensburg, who has a very close relationship with God: "I pray every day," said the 20-year-old. You can't impress Zoey (25) with that or with the film set in L.A., in front of the catwalk she is almost bored to death. She's the only one who realizes that girls who trip and fall can be at a disadvantage. "That's really not a good walk," she explains to her colleagues, who issue positive perseverance slogans. Heidi, Harlow and designer Peter Dundas ("Walk like a boy! Don't shake your hips, I hate that.") Make short work of it after the first appearance: Four of the 29 candidates are not allowed to move into the model villa. Among them is Ana, who has a pop singer as a boyfriend.

Emilia, who measures 1.94 meters and apparently also has a big heart, can stay there: "I think Heidi Klum has a beautiful soul," the 19-year-old flutes. Ability to criticize or not, the model mom has to take countermeasures: Please don't let your shoulders sag like that, Klum admonishes your fan girl with the usual rough undertone: "Attitude, attitude, attitude!" she demanded – and always think about the ratings.