New "Munich Murder" thriller: Franz Dinda plays the "young Omar Sharif"

In "Munich Murder: So that you can sleep peacefully at night" (February 18, 8:15 p.

New "Munich Murder" thriller: Franz Dinda plays the "young Omar Sharif"

In "Munich Murder: So that you can sleep peacefully at night" (February 18, 8:15 p.m., ZDF), a nameless man who looks like the "young Omar Sharif" prepares Angelika for investigator trio Ludwig Schaller (Alexander Held, 64). Flierl (Bernadette Heerwagen, 45) and Harald Neuhauser (Marcus Mittermeier, 53) problems.

The trio of investigators Schaller, Flierl and Neuhauser should close a file. They are just explaining to their mother Barbara Henkel (Kathrin Anna Stahl, 46) that their now adult son Benno (Richard Ciuchendea, born 1998) is no longer a missing person when a shot is fired. Flierl and Neuhauser apprehend the alleged perpetrator. He looks like Hollywood star Omar Sharif (1932-2015), successfully hides his identity, escapes from the police station and later even kidnaps Angelika Flierl.

Neuhauser and Schaller are alarmed, also because the murder weapon is a pistol from the Bundeswehr. However, the perpetrator/kidnapper protests his innocence to Angelika Flierl. At first she didn't believe a word he said. But when he is being pursued and shot and also behaves responsibly, almost caringly, towards her, she begins to think. The attractive man doesn't fail to impress her and the case becomes more and more mysterious...

Franz Dinda (39), whom many viewers should know from the successful TV series "Das Boot", plays the suspect, who is repeatedly compared visually to the Egyptian Hollywood star Omar Sharif ("Doctor Zhivago") over the course of the film . From 2018 to 2022 he embodied Oberleutnant zur See Robert Ehrenberg, the chief engineer ("LI") on the submarine U-949.

The actor, author and artist Dinda was born on March 25, 1983 in Jena, Thuringia, and will celebrate his 40th birthday in a few weeks. Shortly before reunification, his mother left the GDR with him. After excursions into music and moderation, after graduating from high school he moved from the Stuttgart area to Berlin, where Dinda still lives today. He is married and has two children.

He celebrated his big breakthrough as Elmar in the literary adaptation "Die Wolke" (2006). For this he won the New Faces Award for Best Young Actor, which was to be followed by other awards. Since then, many projects worth seeing have accumulated in his filmography, including "Honigfrauen" (2017), "Die Glasbläserin" (2016), "Käthe Kruse" (2015), "Die Spiegel Affair" (2014), "Life is nothing for cowards" (2012), "In the winter a year" (2008)...

Franz Dinda is also active as an author and artist, as can be seen on his homepage. He celebrated his author debut with the book of poems "Ein BilderRimbuch über Liebe" (2010), in 2013 "Kavalier an Dame - 12 passionate poetry cards" was published.

The unequal "Munich Murder" investigator trio has been delighting fans since 2014 and thus for nine years now. And this time, too, the highly sensitive Schaller, Schürzenjäger Neuhauser and Flierl, who is always looking for love, convince with wordplay and situation comedy. Viewers can look forward to dialogues like these when Flierl suddenly finds himself in the hands of a hostage-taker:

Neuhauser: "Leave my colleague, take me." - Hostage taker: "Why?" - Neuhauser: "She has diabetes." - Flierl: "I don't have it." Or: The mother of the missing boy asks Inspector Neuhauser: "Do you have children?" To which he answers honestly: "It's confusing."