New biography: William is said to have ignored Harry's calls: Omid Scobie publishes tell-all book about the Queen's death

It could be the next point of contention within the British Royal Family.

New biography: William is said to have ignored Harry's calls: Omid Scobie publishes tell-all book about the Queen's death

It could be the next point of contention within the British Royal Family. The second book by author Omid Scobie, who is said to be close to Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan, will be published at the end of November. After "Finding Freedom" he once again deals with the divide within the royal family. Now the US magazine “People” has published a first excerpt from “Endgame” – and it’s quite something.

Scobie explains how the Sussexes experienced their time in Great Britain shortly before the Queen's death. The palace announced at the time that the Queen was resting on the advice of her doctors. "The next morning, the Sussexes had no idea that Buckingham Palace was already planning the Queen's final hours and the first days of the monarchy's new era - until the Duke's phone started ringing. An unknown number. Normally he ignored it," writes Scobie in his book.

It was Harry's father, the current King Charles III, who asked Harry to also travel to Scotland because his grandmother was not doing well. "William, who Charles had just spoken to, was reportedly in the process of arranging the trip. Harry sent his brother a text message asking him how he and Kate were going to get to Scotland and if they could travel together," Scobie describes the situation. But Harry supposedly got no answer from William.

Harry was completely on his own, Scobie quotes a person close to the Duke. A little later, Harry was asked by Charles not to take Meghan with him because Kate wouldn't come with him either. "Harry sent another text message to his brother. Nothing. Although there were still seats available on William's chartered Dassault Falcon private jet, which was scheduled to leave in less than an hour, Harry was on his own," Scobie writes. "William ignored him. He clearly didn't want to see his brother," the author quotes his source as saying.

Harry ultimately organized his trip to Scotland himself and flew alone. "Although rumors of the Queen's demise were circulating at the time, Harry had no way of knowing whether they were true. His father did not carry a cell phone and his brother was oblivious to its existence," says Scobie. While Harry was still in the air and the Queen had already died, the press offices of Buckingham Palace and the Sussexes fought over the publication of the news. The latter are said to have asked the palace to wait for Harry to land.

"When Harry's plane finally landed on the tarmac twenty minutes later, he received a text message from Meghan telling him to call as soon as possible, followed by a breaking news story on the BBC News app announcing the Queen's death." , writes Scobie and makes another accusation against the palace. He falsely claimed that Charles had informed Harry about the death in order to save his own face. Even after his death, his family members ignored Harry, claims Scobie.

"Receiving no offer to return with William and the others the next morning (all of his text messages, including a thoughtful message about the loss of grandmother, continued to be ignored), Harry booked his own British Airways ticket on the first available departure ", he writes.

The excerpt from Scobie's book is already causing a stir in Great Britain. In The Mirror newspaper, a palace insider criticizes: "It seems that no matter what happens behind closed doors, even in a time of pain and sadness, it will one day come to light when it comes to the royal family." And it's also against Scobie himself, who also regularly rails against the Royal Family on his X profile (formerly Twitter). "Nothing is off limits as William and Kate appear to be this author's main target. It will only take a few months for the knives to reappear and the wounds to be ripped open," the insider said.

Omid Scobie's book "Endgame" will be published on November 28th.

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