Netflix: This should change despite good user numbers

Netflix added 2.

Netflix: This should change despite good user numbers

Netflix added 2.4 million new subscribers in the past three months. According to media reports, that is more than twice as many as expected. The streaming service recently celebrated great success with the new season of "Stranger Things", "Sandman" and "Dahmer - Monster: The Story of Jeffrey Dahmer".

In the streaming services market, Netflix is ​​fighting against competitors like Amazon, Apple and Disney, who have invested billions in their streaming content. During the coronavirus pandemic, Netflix was able to enjoy a large number of viewers - in the first quarter of 2020 it is said to have added 15.8 million subscribers. After the end of the lockdown, however, the numbers are said to have dropped again.

Netflix recently announced that it would launch a cheaper ad-supported service this November. The cheaper subscription option should only cost around five euros a month, but consumers will then have to live with advertising.

In addition, the streaming service apparently wants to take action against the passing on of passwords, through which many households share a Netflix subscription, there are said to be more than 100 million worldwide. A new function should now enable users to easily transfer profiles to a new account. People who have shared another account can keep their personalized recommendations and other personal settings when they start their own membership when they transfer their profile.

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