Netflix hit "Wednesday": What changes in season two

The Netflix hit "Wednesday" was a real phenomenon in 2022.

Netflix hit "Wednesday": What changes in season two

The Netflix hit "Wednesday" was a real phenomenon in 2022. With a mixture of coming-of-age story, comedy and mystery elements, a bit of supernatural horror and an outstanding leading actress, the first season of the series became one of the most successful productions of the streaming service at the end of the year. No wonder that it was soon officially clear that there would be a second season. However, the tone of the new episodes may differ significantly from those of the first season.

At least that's what Jenna Ortega (20), who was celebrated for her portrayal of the eponymous daughter of the Addams family, has suggested. Asked by her fellow actress Elle Fanning (25) for a few details about the new episodes in an interview for the industry magazine "Variety", Ortega explains: "It's still all coming together, but we have decided that we will focus more on the want to support horror."

Any kind of romantic love story should therefore be left out in the future, which Ortega thinks is great: "We're going to be more daring, darker." Not only will Ortega return as the lead, she is also involved as a producer. "It's my first time," she says. It was "a natural progression" for her.

From the first season, Ortega wanted to make sure that a popular character like Wednesday would be portrayed properly in the new production. That's why she talked to the authors as often as possible at the time: "We decided what worked and what didn't." In preparation for the second season, they wanted to ensure that talks could start even earlier. "I'm just so curious: I want to see the outfits, new characters, scripts," explains the 20-year-old.

The first season racked up more than 1.23 billion viewing hours on Netflix within the first 28 days of its release. Only the fourth season of "Stranger Things" (around 1.35 billion) and the first "Squid Game" season (around 1.65 billion) have been more successful with the streaming service. It is currently not known when the second "Wednesday" season will be released.