Naturally warm: Sheepskin in the stroller: advantages, disadvantages and how to care for it properly

In relevant online forums, parents have been hotly debated for years.

Naturally warm: Sheepskin in the stroller: advantages, disadvantages and how to care for it properly

In relevant online forums, parents have been hotly debated for years. Does a lambskin belong in the stroller? Can you do that? Does that do anything at all? And why do many lambskins actually have this unnatural yellow tinge? For some, prams and infant carriers can no longer be imagined without lambskin - others don't give a damn about the not-so-cheap natural skins. These should protect the sleeping offspring from the creeping cold during winter walks - and also ensure a pleasant sleeping climate in the pram in summer (click here for the big pram test 2022).

In this article you can read about the advantages of the controversial lambskin underlay for the stroller, how exactly it regulates body heat, what types of lambskin there are and what you should pay particular attention to when buying one.

Basically, lambskins come from juvenile sheep, which are referred to as lambs until their first birthday. In order for natural skins to end up in a pram at all, they sometimes have to be tanned in a complex process - to put it simply: cleaned and made durable. Different tanning processes have become established, depending on who is later to be warmed by the lambskins. Skins that come into contact with small children are usually medically tanned with so-called aldehyde tanning agents. The reason is quite simple: This procedure is not only relatively gentle on the skin and hair. Above all, the fur is thoroughly disinfected and freed from all foreign objects. You can easily recognize the finished lambskins by their yellow colouration, which is a bit reminiscent of chicks. What later reminds of the lamb, in addition to the cuddly wool, is the somewhat unique smell. You have to like it or get used to it.

But the most important message for parents of messy children is: Most medically tanned lambskins - one of which is available here - are not only dirt-repellent; In the worst case, they can be cleaned in the washing machine at 30 degrees and with a special sheepskin detergent.

Tip: When buying the detergent, make sure that it contains wool wax (lanolin).

In addition to medical tanning, tanning with aluminum salts and chromium salts are among the most common processes. Although the former is considered to be ecological and gentle, lambskins tanned in this form are only suitable to a limited extent as a base for prams. They are sensitive to moisture and cannot be washed because the water would wash the salts out of the fur and destroy it. The hallmark of these skins is that they retain their natural coloring despite being tanned. If chromium salts are involved, lambskins are usually dyed. Machine washing is not recommended, but can be done if necessary. Important: Skins tanned with chrome salts fade when exposed to direct sunlight for a long time.

Once parents have decided to use lambskins, they can be used in many different ways. Depending on the size of the child, you can easily move from the pram to the baby seat or buggy. If necessary, they serve as a changing mat, a seat cushion replacement on a bench, for cuddling on the sofa or as a makeshift play mat on floors that are cold to the feet. Anyone who needs the lambskin for a buggy or baby seat should make sure before buying that the appropriate belt slots have been thought of so that the child can be buckled up properly. A universally applicable, medically tanned lambskin is available here.

No matter which lambskin the expectant or young parents ultimately choose: the natural skins require more care than inserts made of synthetic fibers. If that is too time-consuming for you, you should look for an alternative. The good news: lambskins have the practical property of being able to clean themselves up to a certain degree of dirt. In addition, they are naturally dirt-repellent. In contrast to bibs and the like, the washing machine only has to run in an emergency. But then caution is required.

You should pay attention to this when washing lambskin:

In the end, everyone has to decide for themselves whether the stroller, bicycle trailer or baby bed for the offspring should be outfitted with lambskin. Anyone who is worried about the origin of the skins, doesn't like the distinctive smell or fears allergies should better stay away from lambskins and reach for a synthetic alternative. Otherwise, the lambskin for the pram is a practical gadget that makes life for the little rascals a little cozier in winter and a little more bearable in summer.

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