Nail design 2023: Naked nails are the most beautiful nail trend in 2023

Well-groomed nails are simply timeless.

Nail design 2023: Naked nails are the most beautiful nail trend in 2023

Well-groomed nails are simply timeless. In 2023 everything revolves around a big trend that model Kendall Jenner (27) swears by: Naked Nails! Although that translates to "bare nails", this beauty trend is by no means about doing without nail polish completely. Rather, colorless nail polish is skilfully used to really make the freshly manicured nails shine and shine.

But this requires a certain know-how in nail care - here are some tips that are really easy to integrate into everyday life.

To start the manicure and, above all, to create the appropriate basis for the naked nails, the first step is to thoroughly clean your hands and fingernails. To do this, thoroughly remove all remnants of existing nail polish and wash your hands with a mild soap.

Nothing beats a well-groomed cuticle. To soften the cuticles, you can bathe your fingernails in warm water for about 10 minutes beforehand - the bath has a nourishing effect if you add a few drops of jojoba oil or olive oil. After that, the cuticles can be pushed back with a cuticle pusher or a rosewood stick.

To shape your nails, it's better to use a file than nail scissors or nail clippers. It is important that the nail file is only filed in one direction - this means that the nail is less roughened and the nails do not tear as easily. The nails should definitely be dry when filing. So wait a bit after the finger bath before continuing with the manicure.

To smooth the nail afterwards and make it shine, file over the nail with a nail polishing file. Alternatively, you can also buy nail polish sponges that have the same effect. When polishing, always start at the nail bed and work your way up to the nail tip. Unevenness on the nail is removed during polishing - this creates a beautiful shine even without nail polish.

In order to keep the skin around the fingernails moisturized and healthy, it is essential to regularly rub and care for them with a cuticle oil. This prevents unsightly dry spots around the nails. Alternatively, it is also possible to rub your hands regularly with a rich hand cream and pay special attention to the skin around the nails.

If you follow these tips, you've come a good deal closer to the trendy naked nails. In the last step, the colorless nail polish is applied as a finish, which provides extra shine. Tip for people with brittle nails: Use a nail hardener instead of simple colorless varnish. This makes the nails more resistant and allows them to grow more beautifully.