More than just “the daughter of”: 16 years after “Keinohrhasen”: Emma Schweiger turns 21

Children become people: actor Til Schweiger must also realize this.

More than just “the daughter of”: 16 years after “Keinohrhasen”: Emma Schweiger turns 21

Children become people: actor Til Schweiger must also realize this. His youngest daughter with ex-wife Dana turns 21 today (October 26). At this age, many young people are just taking their first professional steps - Emma Schweiger, on the other hand, can already look back on an extensive body of work. She has already appeared in more than ten films.

She had her first small appearance at the age of three as an extra in "Barefoot". Since then, hardly a year has gone by without a film featuring her. At the age of five she enchanted in “Keinohrhasen”, followed in 2011 by her first leading role in “Kokowääh”. But no matter how often she appeared in front of the camera alongside her famous father, she still doesn't like being in the spotlight.

At the age of 13, the child star was already thinking about a career break and said sentences like: "I want to have something of my childhood again" and "This constant being recognized is not for me." A year later, she realized her wish for a life beyond the public eye and moved with her mother Dana Schweiger from Hamburg to her home in the United States.

Emma Schweiger completed high school in Malibu and enjoyed life "completely anonymously," as she revealed in an interview with "Bild am Sonntag" when she returned to Germany five years later. "In America, no one cared who my father was. I think it was extremely important for me to be able to develop my personality. And just to get to know myself better." The time in America was good for her. In Germany she had to "come to terms with the fact that she was always being addressed as the 'daughter of' and not as 'I'."

A topic that concerns her a lot: "Of course I'm Til Schweiger's daughter, but that's only a tiny part of who I am as a person." But many people are prejudiced because of their origins. "I've always loved acting. But when you read things about yourself on the internet as a young girl... it always made me very sad back then."

While her eldest sister Luna Schweiger regularly appears at events and often gives insights into her life on Instagram, Emma Schweiger has largely withdrawn and is rarely seen in public. She now also rarely posts anything on social networks. Her posting in May with a picture that showed her intimately with a young man was all the more surprising.

She also said in English: “Lovers in Coachella”. However, her loved one wasn't visible - they both hid under a blanket at the festival.

Even though Emma Schweiger struggles with the spotlight, she loves everything "that has to do with cameras", for example "videography, music and art". She also found working as a director or editor interesting, she said a few years ago. "I've often seen my father do that on set."

She was involved in some of his biggest successful films, such as "Honey in the Head" in 2014, which dealt with the topic of dementia and was later filmed again in an English-language version with Nick Nolte. This year father and daughter were seen together in “Manta Manta – Second Part”. And even at 21 years old, viewers don't have to do without her: the friendship comedy "The best is yet to come!" starts in German cinemas on December 7, 2023.