Monica Lierhaus: At "RTL Aktuell" she celebrates her TV comeback

Monica Lierhaus (53) is back in the TV studio.

Monica Lierhaus: At "RTL Aktuell" she celebrates her TV comeback

Monica Lierhaus (53) is back in the TV studio. This Monday evening (June 19), the well-known journalist moderated the sports section of "RTL Aktuell" (6:45 p.m., RTL and RTL). A special comeback for Lierhaus, as she was back in front of the camera live in a TV studio for the first time in 14 years. "It's so great for me to be able to stand in a studio again. Sensational," explained a visibly moved Lierhaus at the beginning of the news program.

RTL viewers will see a lot of Lierhaus this week. Tomorrow, Tuesday, the 53-year-old will report on the international match between the German national team and Colombia at Schalke (8:45 p.m., RTL and RTL). Lierhaus will also be on site as part of the RTL inclusion week at the Special Olympics in Berlin and portray participants. She had "met very impressive people who have mastered their fate in a wonderful way," explained Lierhaus on "RTL Aktuell" with regard to her reporting.

First of all, however, there was a regular sports section in the news program for Lierhaus on Monday. Among other things, she reported on a pair of siblings who compete in tennis at the Special Olympics. It was also about criticism of national coach Hansi Flick (58) and SC Magdeburg's Handball Champions League victory.

Lierhaus' TV comeback also appealed to users on Instagram. Under a post by "RTL Aktuell" moderator Maik Meuser (47), viewers expressed their joy after the show was broadcast. "Respect and admiration for this great woman. All the best. Also compliments to RTL for the new opportunity," wrote a user. Another added: "Just so beautiful. I'm so happy for Monica." Directly addressed to Lierhaus, it was also said: "Great. Keep up the good work!"

In 2009, the presenter was diagnosed with an aneurysm while preparing for eye surgery. There were complications during the removal, and Lierhaus had to be placed in an artificial coma for four months. In rehab, she had to learn to swallow, eat, and move again. In 2019 she had announced her TV-off, in March RTL announced the comeback of Lierhaus.