Monarchy: happy ending or mandatory visit? - Harry comes to the coronation

Harry is coming, Meghan is staying at home.

Monarchy: happy ending or mandatory visit? - Harry comes to the coronation

Harry is coming, Meghan is staying at home. Around three weeks before the big day, the most explosive question about the coronation of King Charles III. finally settled. With a brief statement, the palace confirmed the participation of the renegade king's son, putting an end to months of speculation. Nevertheless, many questions about the decision remain unanswered. First and foremost: why?

According to the well-connected royal insider and author Omid Scobie, one of the reasons for the absence of Duchess Meghan (41) and the children Princess Lilibet and Prince Archie is that Archie turns four on the day of the coronation. But the desire for an extensive children's birthday party at home may not have been the only decisive factor. For months there has been an ice age between the palace and Meghan and Harry (38) – especially since he once again sharply distributed his family with the publication of his memoirs.

Harry is said to have stopped talking to his father Charles (74) and brother William (40) for months. Instead, the decision was preceded by a "transatlantic ping-pong" email, British media reported. The fact that Harry finally decided to come is very personal and not PR, emphasize insider sources in the "Telegraph". He was aware that this was the most important day in his father's life.

The coronation of King Charles (74) and his wife Camilla (75) will take place on May 6th in London's Westminster Abbey - with numerous state guests and members of British society who have been honored for special achievements. This is followed by a coronation procession in the golden state carriage in front of thousands of onlookers.

What the press writes

"King relieved that Harry is coming," headlined the "Daily Express" on Thursday. Palace sources say it's important to Charles to have both sons with him. So is this the long-awaited happy ending? After all, the "Daily Mail" writes about an olive branch that Harry offers his family after he had previously wanted to make a clarifying conversation before the coronation a condition for his coming.

But details reveal that Harry's presence in Westminster Abbey can at best be a first, small step towards reconciliation. Expert Scobie wrote on Twitter that Harry's trip will be "a fairly short trip to the UK, only attending the coronation ceremony at Westminster Abbey". No concert, no get-together with the family, certainly no performance on the famous balcony of Buckingham Palace.

No confrontation planned

In addition, the family deliberately avoids the more difficult confrontation with their decision. After all, it was above all Harry's wife Meghan who was repeatedly caught in the crossfire of the British boulevard. The handling of the royal family with her - in the couple's opinion characterized by a lack of support and sometimes even racism - is one of the most bitter conflict issues.

Even if no one dares to say that, there is secret relief in the palace about Meghan's absence, comments the "Daily Mail" columnist Sarah Vine - and does not hide her harsh judgment typical of the British tabloid: "At the coronation should It's about the king and queen, about the royal family as a British institution - not about those two whiners with their endless complaints and perceived slights."

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