Mississippi Town will pay you 6G to Maneuver

Natchez is known for its historic Houses and Its Own Cookies

Mississippi Town will pay you 6G to Maneuver

Are you prepared for a change in scenery? 1 town in Mississippi is ready to pay you $6,000 to proceed there.

That town, Natchez, is searching for remote employees who will relocate and purchase a house. The money incentive includes around $2,500 in transferring costs and a $300 monthly stipend for a year to cancel living expenses, according to the city's newest Alter South program.

Natchez is a network of over 15,000 individuals beside the lower Mississippi River. It is famous for its historic homes -- over 1,000 structures in Natchez are recorded on the National Register of Historic Places -- and its own arts and outdoor recreation.
Homes in the area are priced reduced in contrast to many different niches. The median home record cost in Natchez is $168,000, based on Realtor.com.

The town also enjoys a reputation for food.

The parkway follows a historical route and now is famous to drive, bike or hike.

To be eligible for the incentive program, a prospective Natchez resident will have to work for a company outside the area and have the ability to operate remotely. They will then have to set up primary home in town and purchase a house valued at $150,000 or more. They must own and reside in the house for at least a year.

Anybody interested in the Alter South app can take a look at the program online here.

For anybody who enjoys the notion of being paid to move somewhere, but is not certain Natchez is their own style, it is only one town offering a bonus similar to this. Cities such as Tulsa, Oklahoma; Savannah, Georgia; Topeka, Kansas and Newton, Iowa possess their own apps using their particular needs.

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