Mike Tindall: Landed in Australia for jungle camp

Mike Tindall (44) has arrived in Brisbane, Australia.

Mike Tindall: Landed in Australia for jungle camp

Mike Tindall (44) has arrived in Brisbane, Australia. The husband of Queen's granddaughter Zara Tindall (41) is at the British jungle camp "I'm a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here!" take part. At the airport, the former rugby player, who started his adventure in a good mood wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses, told The Sun in a statement that "obviously the most difficult thing" about his participation will be not being able to communicate with his family. "It's probably one of the longest periods that we've been completely separated from each other with no communication."

He therefore wants to concentrate fully on the challenge and do what has to be done - "I want to win stars because I want to eat!" Tindall said the biggest thing to worry about is getting "hangry" at camp. On the other hand, he copes well with lack of sleep: "I have three children, so I'm used to it." He was still torn as to whether he might still regret taking part. "I like groups of people and I like things that can be a lot of fun, so let's see."

Australia is a special place for him because he met his wife Zara in Sydney, the 44-year-old also said. His wife agreed with his TV appearance, "otherwise I wouldn't have done it, would I?" Tindall said. And how does he feel about the fact that before the coronation of King Charles III. (73) could be crowned "King of the Jungle"? "I honestly don't really think about that," Tindall said, adding that he had "no idea" if Princes William, 40, and Harry, 38, would follow his performance on I'm a Celebrity.

Tindall is the first royal to appear in the UK version of I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! and on prime-time reality TV. As other participants, some of whom have already landed in Australia, the British "Daily Mail" names singer Boy George (61), reality TV star Olivia Attwood (31), presenter Charlene White (42), actor Owen Warner (23 ), presenter Scarlette Douglas (32), comedians Babatunde Aleshe (36) and Seann Walsh (36), actress Sue Cleaver (59), presenter Chris Moyles (48) and former soccer player Jill Scott (35). According to ITV, the season celebrates with presenter duo Ant

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