Main actor in the new "Sisi" season: Jannik Schümann: "I find men with mustaches attractive"

Jannik Schümann, 30, is a Christmas fan.

Main actor in the new "Sisi" season: Jannik Schümann: "I find men with mustaches attractive"

Jannik Schümann, 30, is a Christmas fan. So much so that he invented an Advent calendar a few years ago. At first it was only intended for his friends, but now everyone else can take part in the 24 challenges.

Schümann prefers to celebrate Christmas at home with his family in the Hamburg area. Christmas Eve is the same there every year. Also in his raclette pan. The actor has even introduced a tradition: singing after every third gift.

"Sissi" was not a typical Christmas film for him and his family. This year it's a little different: Jannik Schümann was in front of the camera for the second season of the RTL series "Sisi". It will be broadcast from December 16th.

He spent several months abroad to slip into the role of Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria in front of the camera. In the stern interview, he reveals how often he was still able to have contact with his partner Felix Kruck during these turbulent shooting times.

Jannik, you invented an advent calendar with your friends: Challenger. With 24 funny-nasty tasks. Today you drew the joker: you didn't want to eat without your hands. Why, what's so bad about that? It's not bad. But I ate out twice today, that was too annoying for me. My other friends were in the home office. It's easier to be fed or to eat without hands. My friends tend to draw their jokers for embarrassing things, while I draw them for annoying ones. I don't do embarrassing things easily, but I can overcome myself. I also think it's important to regularly jump over my shadow.

Which task has so far cost you the most effort? I always find it incredibly uncomfortable to talk to people. Last year we had a supermarket assignment: I should recommend a product to someone in the store. That was strange. I went to the cheese counter and recommended Gouda to someone next to me. It was easiest for me at the cheese counter, because that's where I'm grateful to get tips. Which cheese is more nutty, which stinky.

And which one shouldn't be eaten before a date. Exactly.

The calendar invites you to spend more time with friends and less time on your phone. Jannik, would you sometimes like to be less online? Yes, totally. I'm always really grateful when I'm on vacation and my phone isn't on all the time. Even when I use it to take photos, the mobile data is turned off. Outside of Europe, this works best if there is not free Internet access everywhere, but only a hotspot in the hotel. I really enjoy this detox time.

Have you had any negative experiences on social media? Not yet. I have a really, really nice community. Very few haters. But many really nice people.

In the trailer for the calendar someone says about the tasks: 'I already have diarrhea with anxiety.' What physical symptoms do you have when you are very nervous? I think 'anxiety diarrhea' is a nice word to describe a situation. When I'm nervous, my heart races. I'm super nervous before every casting, before every carpet. There are frequent moments that make me totally nervous.

Were you also nervous before the "Sisi" shooting? Before the production starts, I'm already nervous. But at some point the routine will come. It's like the first day of school when you see all your friends again. It was the same team as in the first season, so it was a bit like coming home.

Jannik, how was it for you to wear the mustache as Franz in "Sisi"? I also wore it privately, it was mine. I like men with mustaches, I find that attractive. But I think it doesn't suit my character. I'm currently wearing a 70s sideburn for a shoot, I've had it since mid-October. But next week I'm allowed to shave it off. Since the beginning of March I haven't been able to decide how I look privately. But that is of course a luxury problem in my job.

Sometimes you're abroad for months while shooting. At "Sisi" from April to August. What are your tricks and little rituals to keep your social contacts stable and to feel close? The fact is: the film world takes up a lot of space, you get into a bubble and you're in there a thousand percent. Expecting my friends to just disappear from the scene sometimes is a lot, I'm aware of that. I am in daily contact with my partner, but sometimes I contact my best friend less frequently, around every three days instead of every day. But they understand my situation and support me a lot - I am very grateful to them for that!

"Sissi" with Romy Schneider was not a typical Christmas film at home like in some other families. But "actually ... love" is your annual duty. What do you like about the film? Actually I haven't seen it this year. But I just love episodic films. And I love traditions. I'm a big fan of the Christmas season because everything is always the same. Watching "Love Actually" puts me in the Christmas spirit right away. It's like a switch flipped on me. And I really like rom-coms. On Love Actually, I love the cast. And the soundtrack. And of course how the love messages are written on cardboard. Great. "Love doesn't need a holiday" but I also really like it.

Speaking of traditions: I read that you and your family always have raclette at Christmas. Jannik, what's in your raclette pan? Potatoes are a must. I put in salmon and potatoes and onions. And garlic, corn and cheese.

Cheese that was recommended to you at the cheese counter? No, Mom is responsible for the cheese at Christmas.

Which Christmas tradition would you like to introduce yourself? I actually introduced one a few years ago: We sing classic Christmas carols between every third gift. "The snow is falling quietly", "Oh Christmas Tree" or "Silent Night". Not for religious reasons, for me it's just part of the mood. Especially since my little nieces have been there, I think it's nice. I first had to persuade my father and my brothers to do so, but my mother and sisters-in-law were immediately enthusiastic.

Do you have a taboo topic at Christmas that causes arguments? Everything is very harmonious with us.

Jannik, have you already made any resolutions for the new year? I haven't made any yet, but I don't make resolutions every year either. I'm pretty happy at the moment. No: I am very happy. I just hope it goes on like this. And everyone stay healthy.

Here Jannik Schümann reveals in part 2 of the interview why the lockdowns led to his coming out at Christmas 2020, how he had to struggle with the consequences of his corona disease for weeks. And what his child planning looks like.