Magnetic toys: From creative puzzles to construction toys

Magnetic toys are popular because they are versatile.

Magnetic toys: From creative puzzles to construction toys

Magnetic toys are popular because they are versatile. There is a wide range of games with magnetic components. From small magnetic plates, which can be arranged into different patterns and structures according to your own ideas, to construction toys such as magnet construction sets. Magnetic toys work very simply: each magnet has a north and a south pole. Two like poles repel each other, two different poles attract each other. Some metals, such as iron and steel, are also attracted to magnets. You can see which magnetic toys are available here.

This construction toy set consists of magnetic sticks, plates and metal balls. The rods connect to the spheres with magnets, creating flexible connections that can be assembled into different shapes.

There are numerous other magnetic toys from the same manufacturer. This also applies to a set that also consists of plates, rods and balls — but with the trick that the construction can glow in the dark.

This magnetic toy set does not differ in how it works, but the building blocks are slightly larger and the set also contains components such as wheels or a Ferris wheel. This allows children to build more complex things such as vehicles.

You can encourage your children's dexterity and motor skills with this ball labyrinth. Small balls have to be transported through the winding tracks with the help of a magnet. The compact game is not only practical for activities at home, but also ideal for travelling.

This magnetic puzzle is also compact, light and therefore perfect for on the go. Thanks to a double-sided magnetic board, children can put together different shapes and figures. A pen also allows you to write and draw on the board.

This magic board is a classic among magnetic toys. The painting board should also be familiar to older generations from childhood. The principle is simple: Children can let their creativity run free with a pen and stamps. The work of art then disappears again with just one movement of the slider and offers space for new creative experiments.

This fishing game demands concentration and skill from the youngsters. Fish and other sea creatures have to be fished out of a box using a magnetic fishing rod.

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