Luke Mockridge: This is how he celebrates a small comeback on Sat.1


Luke Mockridge: This is how he celebrates a small comeback on Sat.1

Sat.1 shows "Germany's best comedians" in early 2023. The broadcaster has now announced all the comedians who will appear at the stand-up gala. The previously announced performances by Ralf Schmitz, Kaya Yanar, Mirja Boes, Dieter Nuhr, Maria Clara Groppler and Paul Panzer will be joined by performances by Abdelkarim, Lisa Feller, Chris Tall, Olga Stetsenko, Markus Krebs and Luke Mockridge.

According to the announcement, the stand-up comedians will present the best excerpts from their current programs. The recording will take place as part of this year's Cologne Comedy Festival on October 24th. For Mockridge it is a small comeback at the station.

Last September, the entertainer announced on his Instagram channel that he was taking an artistic "indefinite break". A former partner had previously accused him of sexualized violence, which Mockridge himself reported in August in a video message on Instagram that has since been deleted. He had rejected the allegations, and the Cologne public prosecutor's office discontinued the corresponding proceedings.

In November it was announced that Sat.1 would broadcast "Catch!" will continue without Mockridge 2022. Melissa Khalaj (33) also moderated the Sat.1 music show "All Together Now". One day before Christmas, Luke Mockridge announced his followers on Instagram his tour "A Way Back to Luckyland" and at least his stage comeback, which took place this year.

Will there now be a return from Mockridge to Sat.1 apart from "Germany's best comedians"? Channel spokesman Christoph Körfer explained "DWDL": "Luke Mockridge is one of Germany's most successful stand-up comedians - and therefore of course there. In addition, we currently have no concrete plans for a new show with Luke on Sat.1."

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