Lizzo put a plant-based spin on the TikTok-famous salmon bowl recipe

The singer and songwriter continues to reinterpret viral TikTok recipes with a vegan flair.

Lizzo put a plant-based spin on the TikTok-famous salmon bowl recipe

Lizzo agrees with everyone that Emily Mariko's viral TikTok salmon Recipe is "good as hell."

Songwriter and singer Lizzo has shared her plant-based journey via TikTok for the past year and a quarter. She took to the platform today to share her vegan version. Lizzo uses plant-based salmon as a substitute. She also uses brown rice, vegan mayonnaise, and the usual avocados, sriracha and kimchi. The ice cube, too!

The 32-year old posted a video to TikTok and took one bite before the video cut off. One complaint. The magical ingredient, the all-important Ice Cube, was melted during the process.

Mariko, the original creator of the dish, explained to TikTok users that adding the ice cube "helps steam rice."

Mariko seemed to like Lizzo's plant-based creation and commented, "The crunch!" It's perfect! It's perfect!

The singer has been creating plant-based TikTok versions of popular TikTok recipes since she created her own version of the wildly successful feta pasta dish earlier in the year.

One TikTok user commented, "It was only time."

TikTokers all over the world are creating Mariko's dishes, just like Lizzo. Or, they can add their own twist.

The trend was initiated by @itsmetinx, a popular TikTok personality and influencer. However, he left out all ingredients except the ice cube and instead added tequila.

Mariko commented, "Love this new version."

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