Lilly: The list of Becker women on "Let's Dance"

The 16th season of the dance show "Let's Dance" has been running on RTL since February 17th.

Lilly: The list of Becker women on "Let's Dance"

The 16th season of the dance show "Let's Dance" has been running on RTL since February 17th. The chick of this year's edition made the first exclamation mark in the opening sequence: model Anna Ermakova (22), the daughter of tennis legend Boris Becker (55) and model Angela Ermakova (55). As the only one of the 14 participating stars, she managed to jump the jury's 20-point mark at the start. Whether she got tips from her well-known patchwork family in advance is not documented. However, she would have had enough contact points, as a look at the history of the format shows.

In season seven from 2014, Becker's second wife Lilly Becker (46) took part and achieved a solid fifth place with her dance partner Erich Klann (35). Because the two were still together at the time, the ex-athlete also cheered on Lilly from the studio audience on site. Only from May 2018 did the two, who have their son Amadeus (13), go their separate ways.

In the ninth season in 2016, Alessandra Meyer-Wölden (39), another ex-Becker, finally took part in the TV show. After all, she danced her way to seventh place with Sergiu Luca (40). Meyer-Wölden was engaged to the former world number one for a few months in 2008. Only a few months later, however, he walked down the aisle together with Lilly.

And the Becker family was also represented on "Let's Dance" in 2019: At that time, his ex-wife Barbara Becker (56) was even revealed as the first candidate for the 12th season. In Becker's internal ranking, she has to admit defeat to Lilly - she reached sixth place alongside dance partner Massimo Sinató (42).

Barbara Becker married the then exceptional athlete in 1993 at the age of 27 and thus made the national headlines. In 1994 and 1999 their two sons Noah Gabriel (29) and Elias Balthasar (23) were born. Even after the divorce in 2001, Barbara Becker remained on everyone's lips as a fashion and jewelery designer.

For future editions of the dance format, a very special woman might still be available: Lilian de Carvalho Monteiro (32), Becker's current girlfriend and, according to her own statement, "the love of my life". For the time being, however, daughter Anna Ermakova is in the limelight, who was able to secure the direct ticket for the upcoming episode on Friday evening (February 24) and is therefore allowed to dance three times in a row with dance partner Valentin Lusin (36).

She can obviously rely on her father's encouragement. After the start of the season, Becker wrote a video on Instagram showing his daughter dancing her slow waltz: "Proud father! Well done."