"Let's Dance": Bambi on ice, burst pants – and a surprising expulsion

"We had to wait a long time," stated Joachim Llambi, so the decision as to who would be the first to fly out on "Let's Dance" was only 20 minutes away.

"Let's Dance": Bambi on ice, burst pants – and a surprising expulsion

"We had to wait a long time," stated Joachim Llambi, so the decision as to who would be the first to fly out on "Let's Dance" was only 20 minutes away. 11:53 p.m., to be precise, was the time when the show almost boiled over. And indeed, what was already hinted at last week was confirmed this time, but more on that later.

First of all, the look at the jury and this time Jorge had reached into the clothes box that said 'understatement', at least by his standards. A gray glittering jumpsuit with a décolleté just below the navel, a mini bun and a maxi moustache, the new modesty in the Gonzalez household. To compensate, the man will perhaps pull the shower curtain parting out of the props again next week. Joachim Llambi, on the other hand, conservative-cool as always and Motsi in a bright yellow power dress, somewhere between Maya the Bee without stripes, BVB mascot and grapefruit, in short: a feast for the eyes.

With the arsenal of candidates still full, i.e. a total of 14 couples who are preparing to twirl the dance crown, it is traditionally a bit difficult with the complete demolition, so instead a rather loose hodgepodge of in- and expressions, Pre- and post-plays, highlights and lowlights.

Sally Özcan and Massimo Sinató initially provided a solid cha-cha-cha start. The fact that she was still "body and soul separate" during training seemed to have disappeared in the competition (Jorge: 5, Motsi: 5, Llambi: 4), but with Alex Mariah Peter and Alexandru Ionel it went straight to the heart of the matter, in the truest sense of the word. Alex had to "puke from the exertion" from the workout, and she, spoiler-alert, had no idea what was in store for her at the end of the show. In terms of fitness, the bottom line is clear, just above it in terms of dancing, or as Motsi said: "It was fun" (5, 5, 3).

Julia Beautx and Zsolt Sándor Cseke trained on the basis of click sounds and comic bubble communication, "wagadabum, dabummdada". Csike-Csake-Cseke celebrated the strong rating (8, 7, 6) for their slow waltz with a greeting that must have rung a bell in Anna Ermakova's family, namely the Becker fist.

Abdelkarim and Kathrin Menzinger had a little less reason to cheer, the "Bi-Ba-Butzemann" (O-Ton Llambi) felt like a mix of "wrecking ball" and "Wiener Walze", but the points were in double digits , (5, 4,1). Chryssanthi Kavazi, the "wild cat" (original sound Jorge) and Vadim Garbuzov performed in the department with the rough diamonds, their rating was quite decorative (6, 6, 5).

Even a bit higher were Natalia Yegorova and Andrzej Cibis, who put a lot of fire under the buttocks for the classic "Mylord" for the good old Charleston (7, 7, 5), while for Mimi Kraus and Mariia Maksina, if not the rating (4, 3, 2), then at least the emo quotient and the entertainment factor were right. Mimi first felt like an onion, then like a worm, later like a sausage, at least the hip action was right in the end. There is no two opinions about one thing, Jorge put it in a nutshell, Mimi is simply a "great personality".

Philipp Boy and Patricija Ionel convinced light-footedly and emotionally (7, 7, 7), with Younes Zarou, on the other hand, Joachim Llambi criticized the "senior-style attitude". After all, dance partner Malika Dzumaev pushed him in the right direction (6, 5, 4), even if there is still room for improvement.

Luft was also the motto for Ali Güngörmüş, on the one hand, of course, because of his partner Christina Luft, but above all because he finally had room for improvement. The man jivated the jive with such physical effort that the seam of his pants just below his privates failed him. "Kick here, kick there" (O-Ton Llambi) and at the end more chants than points (3, 3, 2), the conciliatory dance record of the man with the air hole in the Büx.

"With rumba, rumba must also come" (original sound Llambi), the core sentence for Knossi and Isabel Edvardsson (4, 3, 2). Ekaterina Leonova and her dance partner Timon Krause made it clear that a little carrot and a lot of stick can sometimes be the right mix. He heard a lot of scolding, covered his ears with little praise and, despite the "cow on ice" feeling, received a promising rating (7, 6, 3).

With Christian Polanc and Sharon Battiste, who let it rain red roses, it still crunched slightly, even if that was not reflected in the points – keyword “More is more” – (7, 7, 5). Finally, the performance followed, which for Joachim Llambi, the rest of the jury and probably also for large parts of the audience on both sides of the screen, shortly before midnight represented a similar highlight as in the previous week.

Anna Ermakova and Valentin Lusin had to do a tango this time, and that Ermakova reportedly felt like "Bambi on ice", there was nothing to be seen in the end, on the contrary: the "best presentation" (original sound Llambi) "made history" (O-Ton Jorge) and thus became the "highlight at the end of the show" (O-Ton Motsi). Less bumpy and no quotes: That was top notch (9, 8, 8)!

And then it was voted on, evaluated and sent home – for Alex Mariah Peter and Alexandru Ionel the big "Let's Dance" party is already over. Here comes Alex. And there she goes again.