LaFee: Dreamlike wedding in a castle

The singer LaFee (31) got married.

LaFee: Dreamlike wedding in a castle

The singer LaFee (31) got married. The wedding was a few days ago, but now the pop star is sharing his happiness with his fans via Instagram. As can be seen from the article, the wedding took place at Arff Castle, a former moated castle near Cologne. LaFee writes about six photos with her husband on their big day together: "Yes, for here and now! Yes, for a lifetime." It was "probably the most emotional and most beautiful day of my life". "On 8/27/22 the time had come and we made a promise in front of all our loved ones."

In the photos, the singer, whose real name is Christina Klein, wears a long, structured white dress with a train, a lace-up back and large, sheer puff sleeves. Apparently there was also a change of clothes during the wedding: on the last picture, she is wearing a white slip dress on the dance floor, while her husband has swapped his black jacket for a white one.

The post is garnished with praying hands and heart emojis. Thumbs and congratulations are piling up in the comments. Among others Lilly Becker (46), Andrej Mangold (35), Stefan Bockelmann (45), Madeleine Krakor (38), Lars Korten (50), Jo Weil (45), Nadja Benaissa (40), Cascada (40) and Leslie Clio (36) are happy for the couple.

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