King Charles III: Proclaimed King in front of cameras

According to a centuries-old protocol, Charles III.

King Charles III: Proclaimed King in front of cameras

According to a centuries-old protocol, Charles III. (73) was officially and publicly proclaimed British King on Saturday (September 10) in London's St. James' Palace. The announcement was made by members of the Privy Council and the Council for the Accession to the Throne, including the entire Privy Council, Prime Ministers, senior officials and the Lord Mayor of London. The new Prince of Wales William (40) and Queen Camilla (75) were among the first to sign. The ceremony was televised for the first time.

Following the proclamation, the second session of the Privy Council took place in a different room, and the new king attended for the first time. A serious Charles III. in the black suit appeared in the throne room of the palace around 11:25 am and made his statement. First he spoke about the death and lifetime achievements of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II (1026-2022). He then spoke about his intention to perform his royal duties and carry on the tradition. "I will now devote my life to these duties," said Charles III. In addition, Charles took an oath to preserve the Church of Scotland. The King will take the oath for the Church of England at a later date in a second act before Parliament.

Small detail: When signing two documents, the king got in the way of a pencil case, which he pushed aside or had removed with a slightly nervous grimace.

After a trumpet fanfare, in a second public proclamation, the King of Arms and chief herald ("The Garter King of Arms") read the name and titles of the new King "King Charles III" from the balcony of St James' Palace. After his "God Save The King", the historic ceremony ended around 12 noon with fanfares playing, the British national anthem and a "Hip Hip Hura" from the uniformed guards in the courtyard of the palace. Gun salutes from Hyde Park, the Tower and the naval ships and other heralds then carried the message further through the city.

Proclamations proclaiming Charles king are also read in Edinburgh, Scotland, Cardiff, Wales, and Belfast, Northern Ireland.

The coronation of C III.R will take place at a later date. This was also the case with Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022), she was officially crowned 16 months after ascending the throne.

The Queen died peacefully on Thursday afternoon (September 8th) on her Scottish estate. The royal family announced this in the evening. The monarch was 96 years old.

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