Kaya Yanar: He mourns the loss of eight family members

A 7.

Kaya Yanar: He mourns the loss of eight family members

A 7.8 magnitude earthquake has claimed thousands of lives in Turkey and Syria and caused immense damage. The catastrophe is particularly close to the Turkish-born comedian Kaya Yanar (49). He has eight deaths in his extended family, including three teenagers, he writes in an emotional statement on Facebook.

Part of his family is still in the devastated city of Antakya to take care of the deceased. His mother organized accommodation in Antalya for the other relatives. There they have a roof over their heads and food, but they are traumatized. The images of destruction, which the comedian impressively describes, are "absolute horror".

Kaya Yanar wonders how his life would have been if his mother and father had stayed in Antakya. Perhaps he would have "cried out for help for the last few days under the rubble of my parents' hometown". More than ever, the comedian is grateful to his "parents for coming to Germany."

Special thanks also go to all helping hands in Turkey, Syria and abroad. "Despite my broken heart, tears of sorrow are mixed with tears of gratitude," writes Yanar in reference to the great solidarity. So that this does not subside, the comedian has launched donation streams. The money raised goes to organizations like "Doctors Without Borders". Yanar ends his post with the words "Thank you for your help".