Kai Schumann: "A Christmas goose is pure terror"

With "Doctor's Diary" (2008-2011) he conquered the hearts of women.

Kai Schumann: "A Christmas goose is pure terror"

With "Doctor's Diary" (2008-2011) he conquered the hearts of women. As forensic pathologist Dr. Johannes Reichau, whom he played from 2009 to 2013 in the Leipzig "Tatort", he secured a place in TV Olympus. And then came the popular TV series "Heldt", in which he embodied the title hero from 2013 to 2021. This Sunday evening (December 11th) there will be a reunion with actor Kai Schumann (46). He and Eva-Maria Grein von Friedl (42, "Der Ranger") play the main roles in "The Author and I" (8:15 p.m., ZDF), a new film in the "Inga Lindström" series. Schumann is seen as the solitary and mysterious author Rasmus. In an interview with the news agency spot on news, the Dresden-born artist reveals how he celebrates Christmas and New Year's Eve.

Kai Schumann: I haven't thought about that at all. I like living in the moment. I'll see when the time comes.

Schumann: No, not at all. Gifts don't play a big role for me. I consider surrendering to the moment to be the greatest gift.

Schumann: Did you know that a goose can live 15 to 26 years? Do you know how old most fattened geese in Germany live? Between four weeks and half a year. Christmas should be a celebration of love, for many beings on this planet it is pure terror.

Schumann: Family and friends are together. I don't need Christmas for that, but it's a wonderful side effect of the holidays.

Schumann: I think I've celebrated New Year's Eve in many ways. Loud and wild - I would almost say Dionysian - and also very quiet and calm and level-headed. And every way of celebrating has something to offer.

Schumann: I don't make any plans. I try to live in the now.

Schumann: More than ever, people are running like a hamster wheel so that a few will become richer and richer. The waste of this absurd process turns our planet into one uninhabitable for us. And while everyone screams louder and louder, those who really have something to say aren't heard anymore.

Schumann: An idea of ​​how we can get out of the compulsion of permanent economic growth. And peace for all beings on this earth.