Jungle camper Lucas Cordalis: "Maybe they didn't understand me"

Musician Lucas Cordalis (55) wanted to win the jungle camp so much, but it was only enough for third place.

Jungle camper Lucas Cordalis: "Maybe they didn't understand me"

Musician Lucas Cordalis (55) wanted to win the jungle camp so much, but it was only enough for third place. In the finale of the reality TV show "I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!" (on RTL and RTL) he had to admit defeat to the new jungle queen, make-up artist Djamila Rowe (55), and the runner-up, reality TV star Gigi Birofio (23), on Sunday night (January 29). In the interview that followed, Lucas, who was visibly upset, answered the journalists' questions. "I'm just very harmonious. Fair. Straight ahead," says the son of the first king of the jungle, Costa Cordalis (1944-2019). He doesn't like to get caught up in quarrels or resentment or envy or gossip. "None of this is my world," he summarizes. But first things first.

Lucas Cordalis: On the contrary. I'm very happy with third place. That's worthy of all honor. And of course I'm happy for Djamila. First of all, I have the feeling that she really deserves it. Secondly, I have the feeling that it is doing her very good. I think it helps her a lot in life and I also learned a bit about her that she often has real financial problems. And I think that it's such a warm rain that she can really look forward to now.

Cordalis: I think that's because "Gigi" said that so many times, if I'm being honest. Because everyone else in the camp, I have the feeling, didn't feel that way at all. Only he used this word again and again. I don't know if he didn't quite understand what he was saying, but I'm completely different from him. Maybe he didn't understand me as a person. And well, forget about it.

Cordalis: I was actually convinced until the last minute that I would win. That's my competitive mentality. But then I wasn't deeply saddened, I'm really happy with third place now.

Cordalis: My body just doesn't give me the ability to chew and swallow quickly. I just can't. Other people have different habits. They eat quickly and then swallow large pieces. I just can't.

Cordalis: I lost exactly eight kilos and now I weigh 88 kilos.

Cordalis: I hope I don't have any regrets. And of course I don't either.

Cordalis: To be honest, the fee and the prize money were not my main motivation. I had others. That had a lot to do with my father, but also with the adventure. I also really wanted to have this jungle experience. The jungle really, really impressed me and I don't regret coming at all.

Cordalis: Of course I'm happy about it. Because when my wife supports me, it makes me very proud and happy.

Cordalis: My private life is already so widespread in the media that I just didn't want to bore people.

Cordalis: No, there isn't, because I had peace or made peace with everyone in the camp. We are all good. So there is no resentment or bad feelings at all. But on the contrary.

Cordalis: That's exactly what I did and showed myself as I am. I'm probably different than others, so maybe they didn't understand me at all. But I'm very harmonious. Just. Straight. And I don't like to get caught up in quarrels or resentment or envy or speaking ill of others. All this is not my world.

Cordalis: Obviously people don't understand the mindset of focusing on the positive things in life and not the bad. Or also looks for the positive in people rather than the fly in the ointment and then tries to be able to hit it. I tend to look for the good qualities in people.

Cordalis: I think the situation has escalated enough, if I'm honest, it feels like a misunderstanding or a fly was made into an elephant.

Cordalis: That's hard to say. Actually with everyone.

Cordalis: No, I don't really want to say anything about that. But it's also understandable. When someone grows up in an intact family, it's a different story than when a person doesn't have their parents and maybe also can't build up relationships with them in the same way. And that's why: No, you don't have to comment.

Cordalis: The hardest thing for me was the sum of everything. First of all, eat little, sleep little, no personal hygiene and, above all, of course, be separated from the family. That was the hardest.

Cordalis: First of all, I'm going to take a long bath, to be honest, and wash off all the remaining cockroaches.

Cordalis: No, it's actually out now.

Cordalis: No, quite the opposite. We even walked into the hotel arm in arm. We're good, we get along again. We won't be best friends, we live on different planets - I'm a family man, he's a young guy who has yet to find his way. But that we argue, quite the opposite.

Cordalis: I've thought about making it available for the RTL donation marathon, or at least a large part of it. But I think Djamila has a very good use for it.