Jungle camp day 4: "I'm not that stupid": Why you have to have Djamila Rowe on the list

Day four in the jungle and RTL once again excellently fulfills its non-existent educational mission.

Jungle camp day 4: "I'm not that stupid": Why you have to have Djamila Rowe on the list

Day four in the jungle and RTL once again excellently fulfills its non-existent educational mission. The man with no last name and Djamila Rowe are sitting around the campfire. Gigi wants to know: "How did you get into television?" Okay, when Djamila got into TV, Gigi pupsige (spoiler: that adjective wasn't chosen randomly here) was three years old. In his children's room in Pleidelsheim, "Peppa Pig" was still on the telly every day and not "RTL Exclusiv" with Mrs. Keludewig. So how was it back then with that Swiss ambassador, dear Djamila? In your own words, please! "There was an alleged affair with a politician."

What sticks with Gigi: "She hatched a CDU person … and became so well known." Susi couldn't have summed it up any more charmingly in "Herzblatt": "So, dear Djamila: Do you want the cute Swiss guy with the piercing look or do you prefer Hans and Franz from Bergisch Gladbach? Oops, sorry, wrong index card. " Gigi now comes up with his own ideas. After all, the 23-year-old knows all about alleged and real affairs. But so far he has neglected one target group. "Is there a politician I could take?" he asks about his chances. Djamila, the polite woman she is, encapsulates her "No" perfectly: "Oh, I don't think so about the Green Party." In the jungle phone she speaks freely: "Ask the other way around: Would a politician get involved with a Gigi?"

Since all the bad Christine Lambrecht jokes have already been made and the only politician who would fit into Gigi's prey scheme for purely optical reasons is already in a relationship with an FDP person, we continue to hear what Ms. Rowe has to say. "It's not like politicians hang out in shisha bars," she says and giggles. Exactly, Olaf Scholz is the only one who hangs out in shisha bars. Jungle king Filip Pavlović claimed that last year. Zwinki zwonki. The conversation ends with Djamila asking Gigi what he would do first at the hotel after the camp. Gigi's response: "Jerk me off." Plain text he can. So rather nothing with a politician.

After Gigi, Djamila grabs Neue Deutsche Welle singer Markus. Not only does he wear his yellow mirrored glasses for a walk in the camp, he can also speak. The 63-year-old is annoyed by his campmates. Despite the agreement, they keep talking about pizza and spaghetti Bolognese. For Djamila, the nagging feeling of hunger awakens other unpleasant memories: "I've known from an early age what it's like to be hungry," she says. At the age of six months she came to her grandparents. Both alcoholics. They drink the money that the state paid for the child. "I didn't even have bread with me at school," says Djamila. Even today, she is "very grateful" if everyone in the family has something to eat, "especially these days, everything is getting more expensive." That she would buy "a new refrigerator" if she wins, suddenly it doesn't just seem like a joke.

The injected lips, the hyaluronic acid in the cheeks, the false breasts - you no longer pay attention when a person tells you what moves him without false shyness. Crazy thought: could it be that the woman who wears her face like a mask doesn't have to drop a mask anymore?

The 55-year-old also has something that is rarely found in the portfolio of cosmetic surgeons: self-mockery. When she is sent on a treasure hunt with Cosimo and has to squeeze into a brown and yellow bee costume with the "Checker vom Neckar", she comments: "I think we look like we're in control lost over our lives." Asked if they think they have a good chance of winning the keys in the game, she says to Cosimo with a diabolical smile: "I'm not that stupid - how about you?"

It's still early in this jungle year, but the follower who came in for Martin Semmelrogge, who is now finally not participating, the woman who first had to make sure that the viewers also checked that you could call for them , she is one of the hot candidates for this year's jungle crown. Because she has everything a winner needs: humor, character and a big heart.

Gigi, the man who had already turned his sex chav image 180 degrees with disarmingly honest short analyzes in the past few days, showed his unsympathetic side this year. After farting loudly with Tessa before the joint jungle test (Sonja Zietlow and Jan Köppen were briefly flabbergasted) and then getting seven stars, he made it clear to the ex-GNTM candidate that the two of them have nothing in common except work. "It's exhausting! I don't want anything to do with it for the next two months," he moaned on the way home to the camp.

When the food basket came in the evening, he pushed Tessa away and scolded her: "How can you be so annoying? Your voice is getting on my nerves." Tessa wasn't amused: "That wasn't very nice of you." Gigi was wumpe: "What do I care if I'm nice or not!" It's so easy to gamble away sympathies that you've hardly won.

Was anything else? You tuber Jolina Mennen surprisingly started a little angry speech. The reason: her fellow campers preferred to lie down instead of washing dirty dishes with her and Dad's Loveday. "I completely lack this hands-on morale," said Jolina, as if she were a testimonial for an unpleasant business administration start-up from Munich, "I find that super disrespectful! There are still tasks to be done." After all, Jolina's unexpected outburst gave a camper the opportunity to draw attention to themselves. Lucas Cordalis. Oh yes, there is that too. Before the camp he was considered a favourite. So far, however, others have determined the show.

Daniela Katzenberger's husband took the opportunity to get his first screen time after four days: "I have a different opinion," he replied to Jolina, "everyone is an adult, we have to accept what the group is like." Lucas last words for the time being: "We are not the jungle police." Oh sure! In the jungle there is still only one power and that is: "The rules are the rules."

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