Jungle camp, day 13: The cards are reshuffled - Fabio turns out to be a neighbor from hell

Fabio Knez could have guessed it, oh dear! He should have known.

Jungle camp, day 13: The cards are reshuffled - Fabio turns out to be a neighbor from hell

Fabio Knez could have guessed it, oh dear! He should have known. The dear spectator God punishes minor sins immediately. Merciless. And by return mail. There are a few examples from 20 seasons of “I’m a Star – Get Me Out of Here!”. The last one is only a few days old, but feels like it was months ago. Or do you remember a participant named David Odonkor? The man probably used to have something to do with football. But he was remembered for, of all things, a nasty foul on his own team.

He asked Leyla and Kim whether they could perhaps dress a little more, otherwise he would always have to look at "there" (meaning the two women's naked innermost parts). Yes, it was miserable. Odonkor, irritatingly, called it decency. Well, it's all old news for a long time, but the spectator god immediately punished the strict moral guardian and threw him upright out of the camp.

On the 13th day in the jungle, Fabio - the giant with the big heart, the keeper of jokes and white-haired heinces - unexpectedly fell into a similar trap. Here, too, the question of proportionality was at stake. “You don’t really do things like that,” complained the former vacuum cleaner representative. He complained about Lucy. Yes, exactly about Lucy, who feels like she's tearing open her tiny bottom for her roommates 24/7.

She does, she does, she whirls, she even cleans the terrace of the pond until it's sparkling clean, she constantly volunteers for exams, she has an open ear for everyone without exception, she doesn't say anything bad about others, she's only in a bad mood for a very short time twice in 13 days because someone had covered her towel and bra with wet clothes, so according to Fabio, that very Lucy had done something bad, namely "cheated".

Thanks to careful observations, Fabio had determined that the singer had started the time measurement for the night shift (it is measured using flammable mosquito adhesive rings, don't ask in detail, it is really highly complex!) a little too early, even though she wasn't on night watch yet. She just ran around freely in the camp. She had basically clocked in without already being on the line. That "can't be right," remarked Fabio, showing that twelve years of officialdom (that was before vacuum cleaners) had not left him without a trace. “You don’t really do things like that,” he whispered to Mike and earned a place of honor right next to Else Kling on the “neighbors from hell” scale, which is open to the top.

Mike smiled away the nonsense in a Mickey-Mike-like manner, affectionately called Lucy a "little fox" and asked what the problem was? "Then we just hang on for half an hour at the end of the night shift and then it'll be fine again." The person being scolded couldn't understand the whole thing anyway and was a bit upset about it: "I'm the person who takes all the night vigils and never complained about it," she defended herself. Amazing, indeed!

The fact that Fabio suddenly brought out the moralizer because of such a trifle seemed inappropriately petty. The receipt from the spectator god followed, you guessed it, this time too: "Fabio, maybe it's you this time too," Sonja Zietlow spoke the dreaded words at the end. Remember: Don't mess with the good guys! Save your powder for the really bad guys.

The question of who will wear the jungle crown this year is also on the minds of the camp residents themselves, especially Felix von Jascheroff. The actor - who is surprised with 140 percent vision in each eye - of course has full vision: Twenty4Tim? No final material: "He doesn't have his own opinion, unfortunately he's a follower," he explained expertly to Leyla. And what's the point of all this "dancing around" and "being fake funny" anyway? On the other hand: “Deep Talk” is something Tim can do if he wants to – and doesn’t just hang around at Kim’s Schäl Sick.

According to Leyla, she spends most of her day “hanging out in a fantasy land” and moving in probably made her lose her mind again. Kim, on the other hand, could imagine that the audience wants to see Leyla, or as Kim says "Evelyn Burdecki 3.0", on the throne. But wait a minute! Anyone who is over 20 years old and still adds 2.0 or 3.0 or something similar to a name is likely to have problems with Twenty4Tim from a purely legal cringe perspective, right? And as Sonja Zietlow rightly said: just traveling on Evelyn Burdecki's (or Verona Pooth's) ticket, but not exuding any spark of her naive charm and self-irony, doesn't work at all.

For his part, Tim doesn't believe that Leyla is a finalist. "Too much drama!" Leyla doesn't believe Tim will be a finalist: "Too much uncertainty!" And while the others in the camp were wondering whether Tim was really picking "little worms" out of his top with tweezers or whether they were just plain lint, the audience quickly singled out Felix. Fabio was just “maybe”.

In the end, Lucy, Fabio and Mike will probably decide the final between themselves. The latter because he was tested harder by Kim than by any terrible jungle test and yet never lost his composure. They're already calling him Samurai Mike online. “We will never get together,” he explained to his ex-affair on Wednesday with unusual clarity.

Fabio? He mustn't get lost in small-mindedness again. In any case, the cheerful, enthusiastic look suits him much better. How happy he was to receive his girlfriend's letter a day later! “It smelled of cleanliness, of normality, even a bit of sexiness,” he said, stroking the delicate stationery with his large paws.

But actually only Lucy can win this thing.

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