Jungle camp day 12: The favorites are set - and the Bolo affair catches up with Claudia Effenberg

drum roll! Day 12 in the jungle and Jana "Urkraft" Pallaske is finally allowed to leave the jungle camp, this "inhuman" (Jana) place.

Jungle camp day 12: The favorites are set - and the Bolo affair catches up with Claudia Effenberg

drum roll! Day 12 in the jungle and Jana "Urkraft" Pallaske is finally allowed to leave the jungle camp, this "inhuman" (Jana) place. She celebrates the viewer's decision the loudest. Before that, the 43-year-old had become quieter and quieter and had almost turned her awareness of the mission to silent. Most recently, she even wanted to burn innocent towels, like "climate terrorists", rather than just peacefully dissolving in nature as usual.

"I was just at the end," she whispers in parting. But she still has a quote from the well-known patron saint of all world healers, Michael Jackson: "I love you so!". Panning to Gigi's face, which, as always, speaks entire illustrated books. It's just saying something like, "Has anyone seen Markus' wrong phone? I really need to CHECK something!" Sail away, magic girl!

But there is even more reason to be happy: Cosimo ("Hey, what's up?") has regained strength, Madonna mia! On day 11, the others almost closed in on the "Checker vom Neckar", dissing him as "too sensitive". Cosi doesn't hold it against them. He prefers to get back to his self-chosen mission: entertainment. First they dance a little Lambada, sing a little wrong ("Bruder Ja, My Lord, Bruder Ja") and then it's highly motivated for the jungle test with Djamila.

On the way there, one witnesses the most beautiful dialogue of the season so far, a touching song of praise by Cosimo to Djamila: "You know, I begrudge you with all my heart that someday you will find the man who loves you as you are. Who appreciates your laughter, your motivation and your happiness and that he takes care of you." Djamila tears at these words, she looks to the side. Cosimo takes her hand: "Everything okay? You're really a great woman, really! Stay the way you are. Don't change for anyone." You could have that tattooed across your chest instead of "No mercy" for example.

Cosimo also offers himself as a wingman for the 55-year-old: "If I should win, I'll invite you on vacation with a hot guy," says the man, who, if he should win, would first have to reduce his mountain of debt. Quickly get the one ranger clear that Djamila has an eye on and then off to the exam. It is not difficult to see who Sonja Zietlow sympathizes with: "Well, sweetie!" she greets the 41-year-old with hearts in her eyes. All of us Sonja, all of us!

Because it is not important that he and Djamila only get two out of nine stars in the "Wall of Shame" test, a memory game. It's the soothingly respectful way they treat each other and the other campers. It makes the two candidates, who previously hardly anyone would have believed capable of the title, clear favorites for the jungle crown.

Another plus: Both can laugh at themselves. "I'm looking forward to the time when I'm sitting in a café with a latte macchiato and remembering how I was showered with intestines," says Djamila. And now imagine this sentence spoken by Claudia Effenberg or Lucas Cordalis – just like that.

Djamila also shows backbone in front of Cosimo on this day, albeit only after a significant push from the moderators. Didn't she want to tell him something else? Then Djamila admits that the "Bolognese story" was made up and lied by Claudia. "I would like to say at this point that we were not offered a Bolognese," she says, sounding very statesmanlike. And how does Cosimo react? He shrugs his shoulders and says: "It's fine! And if so, I would have treated you." Djamila clarifies once again: "There was none! We weren't offered anything. We just wanted to give you another one because of the pizza!"

Meanwhile, the originator of the "Bolo affair" remains stoically silent. Even when the campers are given the task of assigning adjectives to each other, which Cosimo, like Nikolaus, has dragged out of the jungle telephone in two large sacks on cardboard signs. Adjectives like honest and funny and those that nobody likes to adorn themselves with: wrong, affected and manipulative.

Dad fishes out a cardboard sign that says "selfless" and doesn't hesitate: "Claudia! It was selfless what you did yesterday: not to eat the Bolognese". Now it's here, the chance for Claudia to pour out pure wine for everyone. Instead, she takes the sign and says, "It's my nature!" to be unselfish? Puuuh, um, well. Cosimo is described as "funny, lowbrow and manipulative," which raises the question of whether the food at the camp is laced with hallucinogens of some sort. Or why else should Jolina seriously believe "that Claudia has a good chance of driving this thing home here"?

After all: Sonja Zietlow and Jan Köppen, who is getting better and better at grooving, do everything to do justice. They actively get involved – it hasn't happened before, it's great. Shortly before Jana was thrown out, he addressed Claudia directly: "How did the others react to it now?" Ms. Effenberg is acting stupid: "Because of yesterday?" she does innocently. "Have you not talked about it yet?" Köppen asks. "What? No!" Answers Claudia. The other campers look at each other questioningly. When it's Djamila's turn, Sonja goes one better and it's the good person Cosimo who finally reveals the secret of the "Bolo lie": "It was just a joke, we understand humor now."

Papis, on the other hand, looks less relaxed: "Why would you do something like that?" he asks. And how will Gigi react to the revelation? It doesn't take a lot of imagination anymore: "I don't think much of Claudia," the 23-year-old had previously said. So there's reason to believe that there's going to be a decent second helping of "Bolo history" on day 13.

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