Jungle camp day 11: Everyone turns freely in the jungle: Jana Urkraft wants to burn towels and Lucas Cordalis thinks he is king

The scenario is of almost majestic calm.

Jungle camp day 11: Everyone turns freely in the jungle: Jana Urkraft wants to burn towels and Lucas Cordalis thinks he is king

The scenario is of almost majestic calm. The group around the campfire meanders somewhere between hangover and snoozing, not even a frog croaking can be heard. There are quiet moments of contemplation, everything seems to have been said at first. But Jana can't endure so much contemplation after all.

First there is her threatening singsong, which sounds like Eurodisco unplugged and the lyrics could come from Dieter Bohlen's file, "rhythm of my heart", it says. "Oh God", the dry comment from papis. But that's just the beginning, Jana finally starts to drum on a tree trunk, the consternated reaction of the group between escape sleep and passive aggression.

"I don't think we need that," says Papis this time, whereupon Jana involves him in the most beautiful ethnic trash talk since Gerhard Polt's story about Mr. Tschabobo. That's probably not a jungle king who has nothing to do with drums. "He definitely lost my vote for the jungle king," she whispered to Jolina afterwards. "Forever. The mushy diva!"

You could have left it at that, but somehow Jana was still itching under the bangs and so she jazzed up her under-mined state of mind for the endgame: "Certain things that happen, that's torture. You just can't always accept everything. Constant Changes. What's happening here is just inhumane, sick, pathetic." Her conclusion: "I feel that my mission has been fulfilled in this context". But just when the magic words were expected from her at any moment, she suggested burning the used towels in a ritual act.

However, nothing came of it either, instead Lucas and Cosimo went towards the jungle toilet in a very non-ritual way to empty the fully fecal tank. "Pee and poop," as Lucas later put it. A king of the jungle who speaks like a three-year-old at the morning circle? Probably not, even if the man rose to become the leader time and time again. "I'm the strongest here in the camp and I'll prove that to the end."

The way he at the same time made fun of Jolina, who was admittedly dozing off mimicically, was by no means a royal move. The fact that Kacka buddy Klosimo was taken in the pliers again at the end was also completely lacking in court etiquette. Look at Lucas! No king today. After all, his pee partner was able to earn an unofficial title of nobility: the princess and the pea. Well, it's at least something.

For Claudia Effenberg, on the other hand, the title should be as difficult as for Cordalis junior, if there is any remaining hope at all Feverishly fantasized about the shape of a portion of spaghetti bolognese, it was neither witty nor imaginative and certainly not effective. The treasure hunt itself was quite a feast for the eyes.

Team Effenberg/Rowe in a three-wheeler tandem, wearing a helmet with a top hat, which had to be splashed under a shower of broth in order to pour it from the head into a container after a lap on the course – hilarious fun between Bierhelm , idiot bumper cars and day care center carnival with drunken helpers. The way Djamila stoically spilled the full vat on the pear over and over again steamed with absurd class.

And that was almost it: Spaghetti Bo-lie-nese. Puke behind the toilet. And of course there was also a jungle test. In a three-storey cardboard rocket, the stars had to be unfiddled and passed on while the monster attacked at the same time. Six stars came together, two insights on top: Papis has the biggest. (Original sound Gigi). And Lucas lacks a bit of finesse. (Original sound papis). Köppen and Zietlow went to work a little more delicately – and after the usual foreplay they decided not to do it, i.e. the question of who had to leave the camp this time was answered with “nobody”. Everyone breathes deeply, even Jana URKRAFT. It could look completely different tomorrow. Maybe there will be drumming again.