Jungle camp 2024: Things are getting tight for Kim Virginia now

On day twelve in the RTL jungle there were a lot of surprises for the candidates and the viewers.

Jungle camp 2024: Things are getting tight for Kim Virginia now

On day twelve in the RTL jungle there were a lot of surprises for the candidates and the viewers. Actor Heinz Hoenig (72) was taken out of the show by the medical team, reality star Kim Virginia (28) spoke about sex with a world star and was also on the hit list for the upcoming episode of "I'm a Star - Get Me Out of Here !" she is at the top.

Even before the latest episode was broadcast, RTL announced that Hoenig had left the camp for health reasons. However, the campers were welcomed by jungle legend Dr. Bob (73) surprised, who came to the camp with the actor in tow. There he announced that Hoenig had recently continued to reduce production due to the bad weather conditions. "Mamma mia, I'm so emotional right now," said the visibly touched star and was bid farewell to the influencer Twenty4tim (23), who was also taken away, with a handmade jungle crown. Reality TV participant Mike Heiter (31) described Hoenig as “the good spirit of the camp” who now leaves a gap. Meanwhile, Fabio Knez (30), the next reality face, called the eliminated man a “fighter” and “old warhorse” with a hard shell and a soft core.

The list of German celebrities with whom Twenty4tim and Kim Virginia would like to have something was also surprising. Kim and Tim would not be averse to an adventure with pop titan Dieter Bohlen (69). The influencer asked himself: “Does he just have money or does he also fuck hard?” He continued to rave about the "gorgeous" presenter Nazan Eckes (47), while Kim Virginia wondered how Oliver Pocher (45) got "all the hot chicas" because he was actually "unlikable at first." She also likes jungle camp moderator Jan Köppen (40), whom she sees “at the after talk” and dresses up for him. She also revealed that she allegedly had something with Canadian megastar and "Blinding Lights" singer The Weeknd (33) a while ago.

After so many days in the camp, the celebrities supposedly smell quite unpleasant, but the atmosphere between Kim Virginia and the ex-"Bachelor" candidate Leyla Lahouar (27) stank to high heaven. After Kim's former relationship with Heiter and a possible budding Leyla with the same one were discussed again and again, Lahour had apparently finally had enough.

She was annoyed by her fellow camper and said she was bored to death because everything was always about cheerfulness. Kim Virginia lives in an “illusory world” and “I have no last words to say about the woman.” She in turn accused Lahouar of having stabbed her in the back and of not standing by her as another woman. She was also shocked that she was accused of being manipulative. Kim Virginia's tears rolled down and there was hardly a dry eye in the usual letters from home. The most important insight in this context, however, was that Mike got the blessing of his jungle companion for a possible dalliance with Lahouar.

In the jungle test "Hotel Versage", No Angels singer Lucy Diakovska (47) had to grab keys and search hotel rooms for the obligatory stars under time pressure. There were also snakes, cockroaches and other creatures hiding in suitcases, wardrobes, etc. - and there was even a huge amount of meat waste waiting in the bathroom. Even if the result of only four stars doesn't indicate this, the excited singer did a really good job. And it was “great fun” for her too.

Due to Hoenig's departure, no other celebrities had to leave the jungle camp on Tuesday. However, all calls from the TV audience count towards the broadcast on Wednesday - again from 10:15 p.m. on RTL or via RTL. Kim Virginia received the fewest calls. If it stays that way, she will have to leave on Wednesday.