Jungle Camp 2024: Cora Schumacher's panic attack in full length

The fourth day of "I'm a Celebrity - Get Me Out of Here!" on Monday evening on RTL (also via RTL) is all about Cora Schumacher's (47) shock exit, which became known the previous evening.

Jungle Camp 2024: Cora Schumacher's panic attack in full length

The fourth day of "I'm a Celebrity - Get Me Out of Here!" on Monday evening on RTL (also via RTL) is all about Cora Schumacher's (47) shock exit, which became known the previous evening. What motivated Oliver Pocher's (45) self-declared lover to say the iconic sentence "I'm a star - get me out of here!" accept?

RTL skillfully puts its viewers through torture on this question. It wasn't until around 11 p.m. that there was a first hint, when Ralf Schumacher's ex-wife (48) went to the toilet together with influencer Twenty4Tim (23). Cora Schumacher sounds anything but healthy here, speaks with an extremely hoarse voice, appears ill and has a cold. Is her corona infection last year the reason for her early elimination after just three days in the jungle?

Before that, the Monday evening edition of the jungle camp is, as usual, about colorful topics. For example, former "Bachelor" candidate Leyla Lahouar (27) reveals that she would like to have a husband and a group of children, but after a cervical disease a few years ago, the 27-year-old's desire to have children is unfortunately on shaky ground.

Reality star Mike Heiter (31) already has a daughter with colleague Elena Miras (31), but he sees her far too rarely because the little girl lives in Switzerland. Heiter then once again clashes with his former liaison Kim Virginia (28), who says she is not interested in him at all, even though she somehow is.

The "Temptation Island" participant confronts Heiter with statements and photos that another, anonymous woman allegedly leaked to her ("One still wants to return her T-shirt"). Heiter is also said to live “in his childhood room”. Virginia then claims that the 31-year-old threatened her.

But when the conversation turns to Heiter's daughter, he's had enough. "How pathetic a person must be to bring a small, underage child, which is my daughter, into this place! Nobody talks about my daughter or takes her out in public in any way!" said Heiter. It's quite clear: the last word between these two campers seems to be far from spoken.

In a conversation with singer Lucy Diakovska (47), Heiter wants to find out how much money the pop star may have earned with the band during the most successful No Angels days. Heiter's calculation, which is not entirely reliable, results in the proud sum of around 30 million euros, but Lucy explains that she has already spent the money again - on a particularly large footing thanks to her former, veritable rock star life. This would probably answer the question as to why the 47-year-old appeared on “I’m a Star – Get Me Out of Here!” this year. participates.

However, RTL cannot hold off the jungle fans for forever, and so sooner or later the crucial scenes with Cora Schumacher will be shown. The 47-year-old seems to have some sort of panic attack during the night. She initially complains to Mike Heiter about the smoke from the jungle campfire. "I can't stand it anymore with the smoke and everything, I want to go home. I can't take it anymore, I don't want to anymore, I actually want to get out right now," said the visibly suffering Schumacher.

Heiter also recognizes that she has already “mentally made up her mind” about her decision to leave the camp. In the jungle telephone she is disappointed, "mostly in myself". And further. "That a Covid infection like this comes my way. I've now reached a point where I have to admit that health comes first and my dream is shattered at this point." Then the decisive sentence follows: "I'm a star - get me out of here!" The fellow campers are visibly shocked by Schumacher's early departure.

Dr. Bob is then supposed to explain Schumacher's suffering, but can only summarize that despite daily examinations, no medical reasons were found for the jungle camper to move out. It was her personal wish to go “because she didn’t feel fit enough for the camp.”

Outside of the camp, Schumacher seems to be doing better immediately. Her voice sounds more normal again, she seems to have gained new courage to face life, speaks of "incredibly beautiful moments" at the camp and explains which participants she will miss. She especially grew fond of “little Timmy” in the jungle.

Once back in Australian reality, Schumacher checks the news for the first time in a few days and learns that comedian Oliver Pocher made fun of her on his "Liebeskasper" tour and on social networks after her "love confession".

Schumacher seems shocked at first ("Wait again, what?"), but then immediately speaks out against Pocher: "I don't need Oliver Pocher. I don't need his headlines, nor do I need his money." Pocher would “always define himself through his relationships” anyway, which may also be the reason “why things don’t really work out for him with women.”

Then Leyla has to take part in her second jungle test. The reality participant, who suffers from numerous fears, has to climb around on a kind of scaffolding many meters high and grab stars from small boxes filled with insects and similar creatures. What no one would have expected after Leyla's first test: she did more than well.

In the end, Lahouar was able to score ten stars for himself and the team, and in a tactical masterpiece he even left a box filled with spiders on the sidelines ("Oh my God, I can forget that") in order to concentrate entirely on feasible tasks. The final jump from the scaffolding onto a giant star dangling freely in the air could easily come from a Hollywood action film à la “Die Hard” and the like. Good job!

But the viewers don't really thank her: she will have to take part in the jungle test again the next day. RTL is showing the fifth episode of “I’m a Star – Get Me Out of Here!” again on Tuesday evening from 10:15 p.m.