Jungle camp 2023: Effenberg goes, Birofio turns the wheel

A lack of team spirit, a lack of honesty, a lack of understanding: Day 14 in the jungle camp was marked by friction and arguments.

Jungle camp 2023: Effenberg goes, Birofio turns the wheel

A lack of team spirit, a lack of honesty, a lack of understanding: Day 14 in the jungle camp was marked by friction and arguments. The previous end of Cecilia Asoro (26) should apparently have unexpected effects on day 14 in the jungle camp. Because with her Gigi Birofio (23) had lost a reference person.

His "best friend" in the camp was out, which obviously took the reality star away. And Papis Loveday (46) had lost his "new daughter" at least on the show. Birofio could not understand that people "who are not real" are still there instead - by which he meant Claudia Effenberg (57), as he also made clear shortly afterwards. He snapped at the designer: "You want to go all the time, why don't you?" She wondered if the reality star had "a bird".

"Claudia, don't fuck me," Birofio became aggressive, which apparently upset Jolina Mennen (30). She was "just done," the YouTuber cried: "Gigi is turning the wheel, ey." For Lucas Cordalis (55), meanwhile, it is "bottom drawer" that someone in the camp is going crazy. Djamila Rowe (55) had hoped for harmony on the show for the last few days. In her opinion, Birofio is like "a small, stubborn boy" - like a child who can't get the sweets he wants in the supermarket.

To make matters worse, after the less than harmonious start for Loveday, Cordalis and Birofio, there was also an eating and drinking test - at the "Unhappy Hour". Sometimes straight, sometimes straight from the blender, there were snacks and drinks including chicken hearts, goat testicles, maggots, thousand-year-old eggs and the like. Without going into any less appetizing details here, the trio got a very respectable five out of seven stars. Twice Cordalis had not been able to complete the task, which eventually triggered further arguments.

Birofio expressed disappointment with Cordalis, who missed the team spirit of the other two and felt unfairly treated. There are also "1,000 things" for Cordalis that he dubs over to make the team work: "I say everything in the camp that I think is important and that's it." The others expressed doubts about the statement. Loveday lacked honesty from Cordalis, Birofio speculated that the singer might behave differently when the camera isn't rolling.

While Cordalis complained again about the lack of team spirit, the other two left for camp. He was "left alone in the forest", "Team performance is really underground", he complained after his return. From then on, everything revolved around a mush of allegations. Birofio repeatedly asked Cordalis not to stylize himself as a victim, who complained about being treated like a leper.

When Cordalis told Birofio, who was then visibly angry, that he should first think about his upbringing, the whole thing threatened to escalate further for a short time. Loveday, in turn, accused Cordalis of being disloyal and "a wrong man" with whom he no longer wanted to speak. The singer played a role in the camp and showed "his true face". "You're fake, boy," said Birofio. For Cordalis, meanwhile, that's all "kindergarten". An attempt by Mennen to clarify that she wanted to "get the shit out of the world" also failed.

A comment on an excerpt from the program certainly describes quite well how those who were not in the jungle test and did not know what the whole drama was about and who they should believe should have felt. It says on the show's official Instagram account: "Who said what about whom, what is it about and why did he say what was said or not?"

In the live switch at the end of the show, tempers had apparently cooled. At least the situation seemed more relaxed. Another candidate had to leave the show with Claudia Effenberg.

The next episode of "I'm a Celebrity - Get Me Out of Here!" with six remaining candidates, RTL (also on RTL ) shows on Friday from 10:15 p.m. The finale of the current season rises on January 29th.