Jungle camp 2023, day 15: Cosimo and the killer iguanas

"Why don't I have a completely normal job? At 4 p.

Jungle camp 2023, day 15: Cosimo and the killer iguanas

"Why don't I have a completely normal job? At 4 p.m. I finish work, go home and have my peace," that's how they sound, the campfire longings of Djamila R., and as a night worker at the keyboard you sigh briefly in solidarity. The big jungle coronation procedure is only one or two arm lengths away, in the camp it is retarded, latently tired, towards the end.

Djamila not only misses regular working hours, she also complains about physical deficiencies. "I don't have a butt anymore, just breasts," she exclaims with disarming clarity. It was Gigi who brought the subject of the body to the table in his own way. After two weeks, the thoughts of the man who "has already banged in front of the camera" are slowly turning to one thing, or rather two. "I can already see my first breast in my hand," he let his roommates know.

We remember: after just a week, Gigi reported that he had never "haven't jerked off for so long". To compensate for the erotomaniac discourse, this time there were a few words of wisdom about women in this world, between psychedelic fortune cookie texts and wall tattoos from hell: "Would you like to hear some wisdom from me? I'll build you a house, but you do it me a home. I'll bring you food and you make me a meal - women are everything!" Lucas then had to agree and tried to milk a few more calls from his target group: "I'm with mom every day."

In general, everything was set to PR for Lucas after the messed up jungle test. "I'm a gentleman", "I put myself at the service of the team", "I like to help", "I'm charming", "Love in the family is so important", a constant fire of platitudes, so that one on the other side of the screen was already screaming as loudly as Cosimo only half an hour later, but more on that in a moment. Lucas URSCHLAFF, meanwhile rehabilitated by Papis, summed it up modestly: "It's not easy being Lucas Cordalis." No, one would like to reply, but watching it is a bit harder.

It was an evening of sentences for the eternal jungle album. Would you like some puke, pardon me, samples?

"Africa is actually such a great continent" (Lucas)

"The gay and the tranny are the best at making fire" (Jolina)

"God is watching from above" (Claudia)

"Reality is the only thing I can do" (Gigi)

In the treasure hunt and jungle test, the waves finally hit high again. While Jolina and Cosimo fought for stars under the motto "No more airy", Djamila and Gigi went towards the chest. You had to balance on a beam to put the blocks down. Not an easy task, especially for Djamila, in which the comparatively simple little game developed into an existential question of to be and not to be, as her thoughts were always at home with her son. At the end tears of relief flowed, between Gigi and Djamila there was an almost family vibe. "If I were Djamila's son, I would be very proud of my mom!" The reward for all the effort: ground coffee.

Any caffeine was hardly necessary for Cosimo and Jolina in the jungle test "No more airy", in the claustrophobically narrow water tank it was tense and exciting enough. This was mainly due to the creatures that meandered through the water. In addition to a gigantic constrictor, there were also small crocodiles in a quandary and two iguanas looking for the nicest spot in the crowd: on the heads of Jolina and Cosimo, whose hysterical primal screams echoed through the jungle down under – and the neighborhood up over. Cosimo URSCHREI didn't just put the exam stress away so easily, but rather took on a temporary mental crisis despite the appetizing smothering dinner, from which he only gradually recovered, also thanks to Djamila's consolation.

The look goes ahead again, even if it's all "much more blatant" than Coscreamo would have ever imagined. Gigi is already a few steps further: "What should you be upset about, it's only a few days." Is right. One of the people who can watch the "few days" from the hotel is Papis, because he had to leave the camp at the end. The tension is rising, less than 48 hours until the coronation.