Jungle camp 2023, day 13: "A provocation!": The Bolo affair never ends

Day 13 in the jungle and Djamila is now up to here: "I've only been listening to pizza and Bolognese for days!" Complains the 55-year-old.

Jungle camp 2023, day 13: "A provocation!": The Bolo affair never ends

Day 13 in the jungle and Djamila is now up to here: "I've only been listening to pizza and Bolognese for days!" Complains the 55-year-old. For the three people who haven't noticed yet: there hasn't been any other topic in the camp for two days. First, Gigi and Cosimo's fall from grace: it's better to munch on pizza for two than share four eggs with eleven people. Then the revenge, initiated by Claudia, Djamila followed: A plate of spaghetti Bolognese, heroically spurned so that everyone would have something to eat. The moral: Look, that's how team spirit works! Just stupid that everything was a lie. Despite several steep passes, Claudia Effenberg remained silent and even let herself be celebrated as "selfless". Only the moderators and Djamila Rowe revealed the full extent of the unsavory Bolo affair.

But Claudia still thinks that the pizza-feeding egg was much worse. It sounds like this: "It was only in gag. We can also apologize if you want." Subtext flashing in red letters: I don't want this! Gigi Birofio, the man on whom Claudia wanted to take revenge with her "gag", only reacts consistently: "Funny! I think I'll laugh tomorrow."

No chance of sponge over it! Djamila would like it so much, for the sake of harmony. But not with Gigi. In a one-to-one conversation, he made an announcement to 57-year-old Claudia: "It was a provocation for me. That's why I would say we're just avoiding each other here!" Claudia: "Okay, that's actually what I like best." In a conversation with Djamila, however, it sounds completely different a short time later: Effenberg is upset about what she has to listen to from a naughty youngster. "Hardcore" was that. Later she doesn't even call Gigi by name, speaks of "that gentleman over there". The only thing missing is that they pee in each other's shoes at night. Jolina Mennen says the smartest sentence about the whole Bolo affair: "Both of them haven't quite understood the principle of being a team player."

The YouTuber has to go underground for her jungle test "Jaulwurfs Hügel". It's pitch black there, she has to feel the stars with difficulty. After getting into the first spider's web, Jolina is served: "It's frustrating, I'm not making any progress at all, such filthy shit!" She curses. Constantly afraid that there is a frog somewhere, for Jolina the scariest of all jungle dwellers. Despite the screams of panic, the 30-year-old still has room to counter new presenter Jan Köppen: "Jan, you still have a little time to think of a little better jokes for diving (game show on RTL on February 20, 2023). ." However, the test ends more than forgivingly with five stars, the current and former Jolina

Tearful it goes on. Team leader Gigi brings mail from home to the camp - a classic that shouldn't be missing in any season. They have probably never been moderated as casually as by the reality TV starlet: "Who wants to cry a little?" He asks and grins. After almost two weeks of monotony in the jungle among strangers, every kind word from family and friends is naturally euphoric, or as Gigi puts it: "It was an emotional bomb."

Gigi isn't really into showing emotions, unlike his counterpart Cosimo: Overexcited, completely down, hearty, overtired - name me a feeling and Cosimo gets absorbed in it! In the letter from his girlfriend Nathalie, there are beautiful sentences like these: "Unfortunately, one of your greatest weaknesses is food. Hold on and you'll soon make it and you'll never have to edit your pictures thinner again." Rarely has a more honest declaration of love been heard on German television.

What else surprised? Daniela Katzenberger calls her Lucas "Greek power peppers" and promises to take care of his "Greek cannelloni" when he returns. Too much information! In the camp, the 55-year-old has so far been as energetic as a half-empty pot of "sleep nice" tea. He's still not on the hit list. Instead, male model Papis Loveday and, for the second time, reality TV actress Cecilia Asoro had to tremble – she really had to go. It would only be logical if Gigi's best friend had a pizza when she was free: Diavola.

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