Jump!: Fitness kick for the children's room? Five bouncy mattresses in a trend check

Almost like a prayer wheel, I've been reminding my boys for some time that neither the sofa in the living room nor the beds should be used as trampolines.

Jump!: Fitness kick for the children's room? Five bouncy mattresses in a trend check

Almost like a prayer wheel, I've been reminding my boys for some time that neither the sofa in the living room nor the beds should be used as trampolines. Clear announcement: no hopping! I have to admit: the educational success is moderate. Recently, the two have been recreating the flights of the German Olympic ski jumpers. Luckily injury-free so far. Jump off the sofa. short flight Landing on a bright green bouncy mattress. Posture grades are still being worked on. On the other hand, the fun factor goes to infinity.

Bouncy mattresses should be an alternative to classic trampolines. Because they have no place in apartments for various reasons. In this article, you will find out why the gymnastics mat upgrade with innerspring filling is not only fun, but also healthy, and which models are currently available.

It should feel like grandma's bed mattress for children when they romp around on Eduplay bouncy cushions . The mat, covered with colorful furniture fabric, is 17 centimeters thick. Robust gymnastics mat fabric on the floor should prevent the mattress from slipping on smooth floors such as tiles, parquet or laminate. Inside, 90 spring cores ensure maximum jumping fun. According to the manufacturer, the mat can withstand even the wildest jumping fun. The large version of the Eduplay bouncy cushion can be loaded up to 100 kilograms.

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Just as thick, but a few centimeters smaller in length and width, is the Traturio bouncy mattress, which can only be jumped on indoors and outdoors. The top and bottom are made of non-slip and washable gymnastics mat material. The steel springs installed inside can withstand small jumpers with a body weight of up to 40 kilograms. Beautiful: the Traturio bouncy mattress is available in many color combinations.

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The flexi indoor trampoline stands out in this small overview mainly because of the thickness of the mattress. The idea: Small children should initially use the soft padding as a crawling surface. As soon as the coordination and the necessary courage have developed, it can go high. Even if the name doesn't suggest it: The FLIXi bouncy mattress can also be used on the terrace or in the garden in dry weather. Practical: the cover has a zip and can be removed and washed separately. Faux leather was used on the sides.

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Hopper is the name of the bouncy cushion from club and school sports equipment supplier Sport-Thieme. befitting. Like other manufacturers, Sport-Thieme has the mattresses in two sizes in its range. Mini and Maxi differ only in the dimensions. Here, too, non-slip gymnastics mat material ensures that the mat lies securely on smooth floors such as laminate or parquet. Fans of soft bed mattresses know the inner workings. Because the spirally connected Bonell springs are also used in classic mattresses. The mini version of the Hopper bouncy mattresses from Sport-Thieme weighs 8.5 kilograms. The big brother weighs 15 kilograms. The sides of the mattresses are made of brightly colored and easy-to-clean imitation leather. Hopping is done on mottled gray woven fabric.

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This bouncy mattress was developed for the slightly larger hoppers. With a length of 130 centimeters, it is the largest in this small check. This mattress is nowhere near as good as a trampoline - but it's quite high for little ones with jumping power. Compared to other bouncy cushions, Traturio's maxi model is almost ten centimeters thicker, so the spring deflection is longer. With an area of ​​almost 1.2 m², the safety cushion also takes up a lot of space. The strongly recommended space around the mattress should also be considered, especially in smaller children's rooms.

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Standing and hopping on one leg is just one of many coordination tasks that small children are allowed to perform during the so-called U-examinations in the first few years of life. A simple exercise, some might think. And yet many children have problems with it. Among other things, because (even before Corona) they move far too little. It's much more comfortable on the sofa, on the smartphone or in front of the television. Now, bouncy mattresses are certainly not the ultimate solution to this problem. And yet the soft mats with the power springs can make a contribution. The coordinated jumping on the bouncy mattress trains the sense of balance and motor skills in particular. Incidentally, some calories (you can also call it excess energy) are burned almost unnoticed.

Conclusion: bouncy mattresses are not exactly cheap, but they are very versatile, easy-care and durable fitness tools for children with a fun guarantee.

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