Jason Derulo: That's what he appreciates about Michael Bublé

Jason Derulo (34) is releasing another studio album after nine years.

Jason Derulo: That's what he appreciates about Michael Bublé

Jason Derulo (34) is releasing another studio album after nine years. Following his 2015 record “Everything Is 4,” “Nu King” will be released on February 16th. “I didn’t have the right team around me for a long time,” says the US singer in an interview with spot on news about the reasons for the long album break. "I didn't feel on par with the label and wasn't ready to release a complete work there. You put something valuable in people's hands and you have to be able to trust them."

With his fifth studio album, the singer wanted to create something special "that would stand the test of time, but was also something I would like to hear myself." Regarding the title of the album, which is not only reminiscent of his son Jason King (2), Derulo explains: "I often talk to people who are close to me about the fact that I'm increasingly taking up the place where I've always seen myself "I have this idea of ​​who Jason Derulo is, and I feel like I'm going to step into that position in 2024." Last year, the musician retreated into his “cocoon” and prepared himself well for what was to come.

The cover, which features Derulo wearing a golden crown of thorns, also has a deeper meaning for the singer: "In my family, in my life, a lot of burden was placed on me. I had to endure a lot, and I had to do it with one Put a smile on my face and keep going and keep pushing myself. There were times when people tried to tear me down and kind of symbolically crucify me." On the album he shows his vulnerable side and many facets that his fans have never heard of him before. "I'm really excited about it. It feels new. It feels fresh." To give the fans a special treat, the singer presents an impressive 27 tracks on the album. In addition to the new music, Derulo wanted to finally give a home to some of his older hits, "which were previously only heard as singles."

The new songs include “Spicy Margarita”, a collaboration with Michael Bublé (48). Together they gave Dean Martin's "Sway", which Bublé already successfully covered, a new coat of paint. The musicians, who worked together for the first time, developed the idea of ​​giving the song a more modern sound together. “Michael is great,” Derulo enthuses about his colleague. "On the one hand he is one of the most talented people in the world, and on the other hand he knows how to have fun and joke. We are very similar in that respect."

The song also gave Derulo a taste for the titular drink. "Spicy Margarita wasn't on my radar before I wrote the song. I've tried a few since then, some were great, others less so (laughs). You need the right amount of spiciness." And what else goes into a good party night for the musician? "There should be more women than men. Women know how to have fun. And I like a DJ who knows how to combine different genres and who knows his audience and what makes them tick."

Jason Derulo will soon bring his hits and new music to the stage. An international tour will take him throughout Europe until June 2024, and he will also stop in Germany six times in March. “I love Germany, the concerts there will make up a big part of the tour,” says the singer. "I really want to bring something that's different than anything people have ever seen before. I've got some of the best dancers and musicians in the world, it's going to be a crazy spectacle."A two-hour show with around 30 songs almost every night Performing requires a lot of preparation and discipline, explains Derulo, who is currently rehearsing eight hours a day for the tour. "I learned to listen to my body. When I was young I just did my thing. I partied at after parties and went to clubs, it was crazy. Now I know that with everything outside of the show you do the same "You have to be careful. Talking too much and laughing yourself puts strain on your vocal cords. It's the worst feeling in the world not to have full control over the show and your own voice."He also tries to live out his life as much as possible on concert tours to contribute in order to feel good. "In my wardrobe I need something green around me. I like carpets, the lighting has to be right and I like having candles. I like everything to be beautiful." And what does he miss most on tour? "Of course I miss the family. But this time I can take my son with me to certain dates on the tour."