It also works without: Naturally delicious: Nine vegan advent calendars with plant-based alternatives

Living vegan is no longer a trend, but a way of life.

It also works without: Naturally delicious: Nine vegan advent calendars with plant-based alternatives

Living vegan is no longer a trend, but a way of life. A few years ago, vegans had to search a long time for suitable advent calendars. There is now a large selection of vegan alternatives. Here you will find a colorful mix of different calendars.

The vegan Advent calendar from Foodist is particularly popular this year. You should expect 24 vegan surprises. Anyone who likes to be surprised is well advised with this high-quality calendar. With the calendar you will receive a booklet with recipes, decoration ideas and gift tips.

Advent calendars do not always have to contain only treats. Vegan products can be found everywhere, for example in the household or in the care routine. This vegan advent calendar combines different product categories. Food, beauty and plastic-free cooking gadgets are included.

Vegan advent calendars are available from more and more manufacturers. In 2022, for example, the 3Bears brand has come up with an advent calendar with porridge. This includes: oatmeal varieties, overnight oats and pocket porridges.

Even classic sweets, such as fruit gums, are now available in vegan versions. The Zucker Bäcker therefore has a versatile advent calendar with 24 vegan treats on offer. In addition to fruit gums, biscuits and chocolate are also part of the party.

This vegan advent calendar with dried fruit and nut-fruit mixes from Seeberger does not contain ingredients of animal origin. In addition, the packaging of the advent calendar is 100 percent recyclable in waste paper.

Anyone who likes to cook is always happy about new spices. They invite you to try new recipes and flavors. If you want to please and inspire hobby cooks, you should take a look at the spice advent calendar from Just Spices.

Chocolate is always very popular at Christmas. That's why a vegan version should not be missing. This chocolate advent calendar offers 24 different snacks and invites you to discover them.

There are also beautiful vegan advent calendars for the little ones and they are no less popular than classic chocolate calendars. The calendar from Freche Freunde does not require any additives or industrial sugar. Included are different fruit snacks that are ideal for on the go.

Tea calendars invite you to get to know new varieties. In the tea advent calendar there are 24 different teas to try. Thanks to the beautiful packaging of the individual gifts, you can reuse the calendar next year and fill it yourself.

People who follow a vegan diet shouldn't have to do without classic advent calendars at Christmas time. Numerous manufacturers have made it their task to offer vegan alternatives. During production, they only use animal-free ingredients that can be consumed by vegans.

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