Iris Klein: Separation from Mr. T

Iris Klein (56) is solo again.

Iris Klein: Separation from Mr. T

Iris Klein (56) is solo again. The reality TV protagonist revealed this to her fans in a question time on Instagram. A follower asked the 56-year-old if she was still with Mr. T. That's what Iris Klein always called her new partner, with whom she was in a relationship after her separation from Peter Klein (56).

“No,” was the Katzenberger mother’s clear answer. “After a lot of back and forth,” they both “decided to go their separate ways.” They realized that they were too different “and didn’t want the same thing.” According to Iris Klein, both of them are doing well with the decision. “Everyone has different priorities in life,” she concluded.

When a fan expressed his sympathy, Iris Klein followed up. "Sometimes it's just better for both of you," she wrote. Then her dams break. “I also know that I’m not easy and that something inside me is broken,” said the “Celebrity Big Brother” participant. “Probably no man in my life will be able to deal with that.” Her conclusion: “I’m far too emotional.” She also posted the emoji of a monkey covering its eyes.

On Instagram, another fan expressed the hope that Iris Klein would find her "Mr. Right" at some point. But the reality actress isn't in the mood for that right now. "I think I'd rather stay alone," she wrote.

In January 2023 there was a scandal between Iris and Peter Klein. During the filming of "I'm a Celebrity - Get Me Out of Here!" Peter Klein, who was in Australia as a companion of Lucas Cordalis (56), is said to have cheated on Yvonne Woelke (42). In the summer of 2023, Iris Klein presented Mr. T to her followers, whose real name she never made known.