Instructions: Sew grain pillows: With these instructions, even beginners have an easy time

Unlike an ordinary hot water bottle, grain pillows have the advantage that they cannot leak.

Instructions: Sew grain pillows: With these instructions, even beginners have an easy time

Unlike an ordinary hot water bottle, grain pillows have the advantage that they cannot leak. In addition, they nestle perfectly against the body due to their loose filling, which can be both heated and cooled. Most people therefore use them primarily to relieve physical ailments such as headaches and back pain, tension and sore muscles, colds and menstrual cramps. Most grain pillows are made from spelled, buckwheat, cherry, or grape seeds and are rectangular or crescent-shaped. However, the fillings and materials used do not always meet personal requirements, so many interested parties simply sew their own spelled cushion, for example. How this works best is summarized below for you.

The most important thing first: Only use natural materials such as cotton or linen for the pillowcase, as artificial fibers can ignite if you heat them later. For the filling, you can use spelt or wheat, oats or millet, cherry or grape seeds. All in all you need the following accessories for a rectangular grain cushion:

If you want to sew a simple grain pillow (without chambers), do the following:

Cut the fabric to the desired size - it doesn't matter if you choose a rectangular or square shape. It is only important that you always cut two pieces of the same size, which are later placed on top of each other. Also consider the seam allowance, i.e. an additional distance between the seam and the raw edge that must be taken into account.

Now place the two cut pieces with their respective outer sides (i.e. the sides with the pattern) on top of each other and pin the edges on three sides using the pins at regular intervals. Be sure to leave one side open so that you can fill the seed pillow later. Of course, the amount of grains always depends on the size of the pillow.

Sew the three pinned sides together using the sewing machine and then turn the fabric inside out so that the sides with the pattern are facing out. Now it's the turn of the grains: fill the pillow so that it is not too full - and the fourth and open side can still be sewn up without any problems. It is important that the grains remain free-flowing.

If you want to sew a rectangular grain pillow with chambers, do the following:

A ready-to-sell grain pillow often has the dimensions 50 by 20 centimeters, you are welcome to use this as a guide - but the size may vary if, for example, you want a smaller pillow. Again, cut two panels of the same size (including the seam allowance).

Lay the two pieces right sides together (as described above) on top of each other and then only sew three sides again - one long and the two short ends. Now turn the cushion cover inside out so that the pattern is visible on the outside.

To make it easier for you to sew up the open side at the end, it is advisable to fold the fabric in at least one centimeter and iron it over the edge. Then pin the individual chambers with the pins and sew them up once or twice.

Now you can fill each chamber with the desired grains (here it is advisable to always use the same type in each chamber) - again in such a way that the fabric is not tight. Finally, sew up the open side with a double seam.

After you have sewn your grain pillow, you can put it in the 100 degree oven to warm it up for five to ten minutes. Larger pillows will take even longer to warm up - allow 10-15 minutes for this. In any case, be careful not to get the grains too hot so you don't burn your skin.

If you have a microwave, you can also heat the grain pillow in it. Usually two or three minutes are enough for the kernels to reach a comfortable temperature. If you prefer to use the grain pillow for cooling, it only has to go into the fridge for an hour - or into the freezer for a short time, preferably wrapped in a plastic bag.

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