Inspiration: Holidays at home can be so beautiful - seven ideas for a varied pastime

It may sound sobering at first to spend the holiday at home.

Inspiration: Holidays at home can be so beautiful - seven ideas for a varied pastime

It may sound sobering at first to spend the holiday at home. There are numerous advantages. You not only save a lot of money, but also time, because planning and travel to and from the event are no longer necessary. On the other hand, the home on the doorstep can be better explored, new favorite places can be discovered and your own balcony or garden becomes a new oasis. Anyone who spends their vacation right in front of their own front door this year should definitely pay attention to one thing: a clear separation of vacation and everyday life. Even if the garden would be redesigned during free time, one can and should consciously relax. Nice activities together with friends and family are therefore a must. If you're looking for inspiration for your vacation at home, you might find it here.

Trips to the sea are particularly popular in summer. No wonder, when the temperatures rise above 30 degrees in many places, cooling down in the water is just the thing. Anyone who has to do without a vacation with a sandy beach and ocean this year should look around for the surrounding lakes and rivers. With or without children, there is a holiday feeling when you have a rubber dinghy or a bathing island in your luggage. So you can relax comfortably on the water or romp — jumps into the cool water included.

Along with fresh fruit, ice cream is the most popular summer snack. If you don't always want to drive to the ice cream parlor and fancy individual creations, you can easily make your own ice cream at home. There are no limits to the imagination. In addition to classic milk ice cream, fruity sorbets are also very popular. All you need to make it is the right ingredients and an ice cream maker. There are creative recipe ideas online or in this ice cream recipe book.

Time outdoors is simply part of a holiday: free from everyday office life, school or kindergarten, it is time to let off steam and relax in the fresh air. Outdoor games are fun for the whole family. For example, do you know Cornhole? It is a popular recreational game from the USA in which several players take turns throwing small sacks (bean bags) filled with corn onto a raised platform with a hole. Whoever hits better gets the higher number of points.

Varied activities are one thing on holiday, but relaxing and calming down is another. The time to relax must therefore not be neglected. If you have a balcony or garden, you can put together a small oasis. Comfortable seating and lying down options are particularly important for this, after all there is hardly anything nicer than simply falling asleep with a book in your hand and forgetting the time. This rocking lounger is ideal for relaxing and gently rocking you to sleep.

Watching films together is relaxing and a wonderful way to switch off. How about your own home cinema in the garden? You need comfortable seating, a projector and a screen. This canvas has a practical frame, so you can place it directly in the garden. This projector is also easy to use, because you can connect your smartphone to the device. Large, weatherproof cushions or comfortable outdoor beanbags can be used as seating.

Parents know that: children want to be busy. Action and variety are therefore a must for families vacationing at home. If you have a garden, you can turn it into an outdoor pool in no time. A small slope is ideal, but without it you can also set up a water slide. The outdoor gadget is suitable for the whole family and in the evening all water rats will fall into bed tired. Classic paddling pools can also complement your own outdoor pool right in front of the front door.

It's a little adventure for children: sleeping in the garden. It's not the same as a complete tent holiday, but it certainly provides variety. All you need is a tent, tasty snacks, flashlights and walkie-talkies so the little ones can get in touch at any time. Pop-up tents can be set up particularly quickly and easily.

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