Inspiration: Furnishing the study: This is how the home office becomes a beautiful place

Offices are increasingly found within one’s own four walls.

Inspiration: Furnishing the study: This is how the home office becomes a beautiful place

Offices are increasingly found within one’s own four walls. Regardless of whether you have been self-employed for a long time or have been increasingly dependent on the home office since 2020 - read here how you can work productively at home and what the facility has to do with it.

If you spend a lot of time at your desk, you often have to sit a lot. However, this condition is harmful to the body if you work eight to nine hours a day. Neck, shoulder and back problems have long since become a common ailment. If you have a classic office job from home, one thing is particularly important: how you sit. The good news is you can positively impact your posture by using ergonomic office furniture. Height-adjustable furniture is ideal because it can be individually adapted to different body sizes. If you share the study, for example, you can reposition the table and chair if necessary. In addition, height-adjustable desks allow you to switch between sitting and standing work. This change has a positive effect on the neck, shoulders and back. When buying an office chair, make sure that it also has adjustable settings, such as adjusting the armrests or the seat height.

Did you know that too much or too little light can quickly strain your eyes and cause headaches? People work most productively in daylight. However, this becomes difficult, especially when working from home in winter. If you have a classic working day of eight to nine hours, you will lack valuable daylight from November at the latest from 4:30 p.m. Invest in a good desk lamp that allows for different levels of brightness. So you can adjust the light to the time and brightness.

Tip: If you have trouble concentrating in winter and suffer from tiredness and exhaustion, you can also buy a daylight lamp. The special feature of such lamps is an illuminance of at least 2,500 lux, because that is how much light you would absorb on a normal day in spring. A conventional room lamp only manages 300 to 500 lux.

The technical equipment in a study is related to the profession being practiced. Each profession requires different equipment. In any case, a combination of printer-scanner-copier can be worthwhile, the 3-in-1 devices cover various functions and save space.

A stable internet connection is also important in most jobs these days. If the study is further away from the WiFi router, for example in a larger house, a so-called WiFi repeater can help. This ensures that the signal is amplified and enables you to have a stable internet connection in your office.

Whether as a useful gadget or a gimmick, smart speakers are increasingly finding their way into the office. You can use voice commands to complete tasks such as switching the light or music on and off.

There should not be a lack of storage space in a study, because as soon as chaos breaks out on the desk, concentration suffers (usually). Cupboards and shelves are therefore indispensable and offer enough space for folders and documents. There is a large selection and there are filing systems that are suitable for different tasks, including classic options such as file folders or individual solutions such as dividers for drawers to keep things tidy.

Work is no small part of life, which is why the feel-good factor in the study should not be neglected despite all the practicality. It is a well-known fact that tastes are different and so you have to decide personally which pictures, accessories or textiles you prefer to set up your study. On the other hand, plants are a good tip for every study, because they ensure a better room climate and some balance in the home office.

The indoor climate also has a significant impact on performance and concentration. In addition to plants, humidity and air quality are also crucial. You can actively improve the air quality with air filters or humidifiers.

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