Inspiration: Furnishing the bathroom: design ideas to make you feel good

Not all bathrooms are the same, because tastes differ.

Inspiration: Furnishing the bathroom: design ideas to make you feel good

Not all bathrooms are the same, because tastes differ. The fact is that every household has one, but the look and use vary. For some it is purely a utility room, for others it should be a place of rest and relaxation. Are you looking for inspiration when it comes to bathroom design? Here we show you various ideas and give tips on how to set up your bathroom.

There is usually no room for too much furniture in the bathroom. However, a vanity unit and a mirror cabinet also fit into small bathrooms. There are different combinations of pieces of furniture that are distributed around the sink and thus combine valuable storage space with utility. On the other hand, if you want to set up a spacious bathroom, you can place more furniture. These include pieces that offer additional storage space such as practical tall cabinets or expansive mirrors that visually enlarge the room.

Tiles for the bathroom floor are classic. This is because they are easy to care for and moisture or larger puddles of water have little effect on them. The latter is an important requirement, because the use of water is part of the daily ritual in the bathroom. Nevertheless, the selection is larger than you might think, because vinyl bathroom floors bring variety. You can get the floors in a wide variety of colors and patterns. They are available in a wood or stone look. Vinyl flooring is easy to lay because it can be placed above the existing floor. In addition, vinyl floors are robust and easy to care for, making them ideal for the bathroom. When making your selection, however, make sure that it is full vinyl, because it is made of water-repellent plastic.

A lighting concept can make the ambience of a bathroom more comfortable. If you want to turn the bathroom into a wellness oasis at home, you should therefore rely on beautiful lighting. There are various ideas and solutions for this. It is important that the lighting in the vicinity of the shower or bath is only equipped with lamps of the appropriate IP protection classes. The higher the number of the code, the more waterproof the selected light source is. Lamps with the number IPX4 and higher are suitable for the bathroom. Smart lighting concepts offer flexibility, so you can illuminate the bathroom pleasantly brightly in the morning and enjoy a bath in the evening with the lamp dimmed. In addition, popular smart lighting systems offer the option of being able to choose different colors.

Keyword wellness oasis: Not only smart lighting concepts ensure a beautiful ambience, accessories such as a bath cushion also bring cosiness into the wet cell. Narrow shelves for the bathtub, which offer space for a drink or a book, are also practical. Plants in the bathroom have an additional wellness factor, they not only ensure good air, but also a beautiful look.

Most bathrooms are neutral in muted tones like white or gray. If you want more color in the bathroom, you don't need much to bring some warmth into the room. Brighten up the bathroom with small colored accessories such as soap dispensers, carpets or vases.

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