Influencer: Jeremy Fragrance: "People find cool things cool"

There are many influencers, but few like Jeremy Fragrance.

Influencer: Jeremy Fragrance: "People find cool things cool"

There are many influencers, but few like Jeremy Fragrance. You notice that quickly when you meet him. He talks about perfumes in his videos on the Internet, which has made him famous - he has more than two million subscribers on YouTube. But he could probably also talk about lawn mowers or shower caps. The event is himself. The way he talks, the way he looks - and the slight confusion he sometimes leaves behind.

Like this moment. When talking, Fragrance prefers to stand still, it's obviously not the right time to sit down. He explains it by saying that he shoots himself "in such different moods every day". And only one of the last, that is the "set". "Now there's still energy and so the rail," he explains. You only half understand it, but gladly accept it. So Fragrance stops and asks politely: "Can I get you some cold water or hot ginger tea?"

The Phenomenon Jeremy Fragrance

Jeremy Fragrance is what is commonly referred to as a phenomenon, which is why this meeting came about. You just want to experience it. If you were born into the world of YouTube, Instagram and Tiktok, the 34-year-old should have hijacked your feed at some point. There he is a star. Those who were born in the old millennium frown at first sight.

About the facts: Fragrance's real name is Daniel Schütz. He is muscular and mostly wears all white clothes like a guru. In addition, he has a movement profile like a ball in a pinball machine. He makes no secret of his wealth. Surprisingly, however, he has an office in Sankt Augustin near Bonn, which sounds more noble than it is. There is a car dealership opposite.

In many of his videos, Fragrance sorts the scents of this world into lists. The ten best men's fragrances for winter, the five summer fragrances that you need to know. So far, so to be expected. What distinguishes him from the decent perfume salesman on the first floor of a department store is how he presents it. Fragrance itself would probably say: with what energy. He is often seen dancing or shirtless. In a more recent clip, he sniffs bananas. He also became famous for his ability to do a lot of one-armed push-ups.

Goal: Become a billionaire by 2023

The moderator Klaas Heufer-Umlauf, who, like Fragrance, comes from Oldenburg, once said to him on his show: "You are an event as a person, that's why people watch you even if you're not really interested in good smells. And you have a bit of a waffle." There was no objection from Fragrance.

In his office there are perfume bottles all over the place, little yellow slips of paper are stuck to the desk. He writes down his goals on it, as he explains. For example, that he wants to become a billionaire with fragrances in 2023. According to his own statements, he already makes enormous sales with perfumes that he sells himself.

He "got stuck" in this area, he says. The reason was a boy band that he was part of and that lived in a house in Bonn. But that's how it is, he says: "We influencers, we can shoot anywhere if we have our camera with us." He has scents in Sankt Augustin, as well as in Oldenburg. And also in Miami - he now owns two apartments there. In such an "awesome area" where you can see Puff Daddy's house.

Tiktok videos at grandma in the stairwell

But that doesn't mean much for the clips. "Sometimes Tiktok videos are made that go viral, for example at my grandmother's in the stairwell of a really old apartment building thing," says Fragrance. "People are fed up with this ultra-pro stuff." Even in the middle of a conversation, he produces such a video. "For example, I don't even know what I'm talking about," he says in the introduction. Then it starts.

His erratic nature is entertaining and impenetrable at the same time. You just inevitably ask yourself: What's wrong with the guy? It gets especially weird when you talk to him about his routines. The thing with standing still, he can do it himself on his bike. He describes his lifestyle in Sankt Augustin in strange detail like this: "Take a cold shower, ride a bike, get up at 5:11 a.m."

Fragrance himself says about his ascent that he always works to the maximum. "Because people just find that kind of thing cool. People just think it's basically blatant, cool things." These are truths to which there is little objection.

interest in scents

According to his stories, his interest in fragrances dates back to a visit to the United States when he was 19. His brother was at that time in a semester abroad and he himself had the hype about Abercrombie

Today it brings range, and everyone needs it. Aldi Nord recently produced a highly acclaimed bread commercial with him ("The Best Scent in the World: Fresh Bread"). In 2022 he took part in the Sat.1 show "Promi Big Brother". Fragrance knows its value.

He says: You could put him and Til Schweiger next to each other in Berlin. "Let's see who people get stuck with."