Indoor garden: fresh herbs, fruit and vegetables all year round — a smart garden is as simple as that

Plants need light, water and nutrients to grow.

Indoor garden: fresh herbs, fruit and vegetables all year round — a smart garden is as simple as that

Plants need light, water and nutrients to grow. Not every hobby gardener is granted a green thumb and so (almost) fully automatic smart garden systems are conquering households. These are smart indoor gardens that allow plants to be grown in any home. This makes it easy to grow and harvest your own kitchen herbs or crops such as fruit or vegetables. The smart garden systems do the work for you because they independently supply the plants with water, light and nutrients. The smart system is not only practical for people without a green thumb, longer vacation trips are also no problem because the plants can be cared for independently at home. Cold temperatures and other environmental influences cannot harm the plants indoors, so you can harvest your own herbs, fruit and vegetables all year round. You can read here how the small ecosystem works and what smart gardens there are.

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This herb pot from Emsa with an integrated water level indicator is also popular, so that the smart flower pot lets you know when water needs to be refilled.

The smart herb garden from Wmf does not have an integrated lamp, but it does have its own watering system. The material consists of durable Cromargan stainless steel, is rustproof and dishwasher-safe. At an average room temperature, the water supply in the tank should be sufficient for several days, so that herbs such as basil, parsley, chives or mint stay fresh for weeks.

With the Smart-Garden from Prêt à Pousser you get seed capsules in organic quality, so you only have to fill in water and connect the garden to the socket. You can then dispose of the capsules in the compost. You can either place the garden on the kitchen counter or mount it vertically on the wall.

The Miracle-Gro Aero Garden Harvest offers space for three to a maximum of nine plants. You can either get plants directly from the manufacturer or get them yourself. The intelligent garden is suitable for both crops, such as fresh herbs, salads and vegetables, and ornamental plants. The optimal lighting and the balanced supply of water and nutrients should allow the plants to grow particularly quickly.

Most smart garden systems are based on hydroponics. It is a form of plant husbandry in which the plants are not rooted in the earth but in water. In contrast to hydroponics, there are no replacement substrates in the indoor garden, because the roots are optimally aerated thanks to the smart technology and are automatically supplied with nutrients by the system. Under these optimal conditions, the plants should be able to develop particularly quickly. All you have to do is supply the Smart Garden with water and connect it to a power source.

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