IBES 2023: Bare nerves before the jungle finale

The final trio of this year's RTL jungle camp has been determined.

IBES 2023: Bare nerves before the jungle finale

The final trio of this year's RTL jungle camp has been determined. Singer Lucas Cordalis, make-up artist Djamila Rowe and reality actor Gigi Birofio can have increased hopes for the so-called jungle crown, which the winner of the format "I'm a Star – Get Me Out of Here!" can rely on the head battered by disgusting food and lack of sleep.

The reason: The three received the most votes from the viewers in the show on Saturday and thus entered the final, which is to be held on Sunday. It was worse for singer and "Checker vom Neckar" Cosimo Citiolo and influencer Jolina Mennen. The two were eliminated due to the voting result and had to settle for fourth and fifth place.

General settlement - especially with Lucas Cordalis

In any case, the final ensemble promises a certain spice for the remaining hours in the Australian jungle. Cordalis is - to put it mildly - not without controversy among its fellow campers. At its core, it is about the accusation that he is pretending, too calculated and inauthentic. In the logic of reality TV, this is considered a mortal sin.

This conflict also flared up violently on Saturday, fueled by a perfidious game in which the campers had to judge who they would treat the jungle crown to the most - and who the least. The task ended up being a general reckoning.

Rowe thumbed down Cordalis. "Sometimes I feel like when we're both talking, or even when you're talking to other people, it comes off very callously," she said. "Sometimes you ask me questions out of nowhere where I think: Oops, why is he suddenly interested in that?" Her suspicion: "Sometimes I feel like you're talking to someone to keep your image clean." Gigi Birofio also repeatedly accused Costa Cordalis' son of hypocrisy.

Cordalis says he wants to show his father "respect" on the show by winning the show, which involves eating goat testicles, for example. Costa Cordalis had left the very first jungle camp in 2004 as a winner. Original sound Lucas Cordalis: "To be honest, in my head I see myself with the jungle crown and not someone else."

I'm shivering in Camp

After his fellow campers attacked him, however, the wall of serenity and "We're a team" rhetoric that the 55-year-old had built for himself in the first few days crumbled again. At Birofio, for example, he switched to attack. He thinks his style is "affected," said Cordalis. "I think you always act a little bit like you have to be cooler than you are." He also worked on fellow camper Cosimo Citiolo. He accused the "Checker vom Neckar" of being very concerned about his "external perception".

Citiolo, however, had enough to do on Saturday's show fending off verbal attacks from other quarters. Influencer Jolina Mennen was dissatisfied with his communication behavior, which consisted of sometimes refusing communication. "You're a giant baby who never learned to have a discussion," she accused him. "You are a living clown!" Even if one wonders how many dead clowns Mennen has already met - it cannot be assumed that the two will go on a camping holiday together again after leaving the show.

Gigi Birofio cuts a good figure in the test

After all, the C celebrity team held together during their jungle test. This was called "Creek of the Stars" and is considered a traditional game of the format in which you are shot at with water and maltreated with giant balls. Gigi Birofio in particular cut a good figure, although he had previously had to borrow swimming trunks that were a bit too tight from Cosimo. "Shoot me with what you want!" He asked RTL energetically. In the end it got five out of five possible stars.

"There wasn't just one step to get here," Birofio philosophized in a quiet minute. "But he had a complete staircase."