How to make mochi ice creams like the ones that are sweeping Mercadona

It's summer, it's ice cream time.

How to make mochi ice creams like the ones that are sweeping Mercadona

It's summer, it's ice cream time. During this time of year, the consumption of these products skyrockets, and more so when there are episodes of high temperatures like the one experienced a few days ago.

Practically everything has been invented about ice cream. There are infinite and unthinkable flavors: lobster, pizza, mojito and even curry, one of Japan's latest inventions. The Asian giant is precisely the origin of one of the desserts that has captivated the Spanish.

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Because mochi ice creams are in fashion. Its introduction in the Spanish market through numerous supermarket chains has been a complete success and more and more people are trying to learn how to make their own.

Although everything that sounds Japanese seems complicated, it really isn't.

The first thing is to scoop out about ten balls of the ice cream you have chosen and place them in a muffin tray. It is advisable to cover this tray with transparent paper to prevent the ice cream from sticking to the surface. Once done, you must put the ten balls in the freezer for about an hour and a half.

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While we wait for said time, it is then time to make the ice cream mixture. To do this, first put the 100 grams of flour in a bowl and then the 50 grams of granulated sugar and stir the ingredients until they are well mixed. Add water and beat the dough until it is dry and smooth. After that, cover the bowl with transparent paper and put it in the microwave for two minutes. Take it out, sprinkle the mixture with a spatula and return to the microwave for another two minutes. You must repeat this process until the dough is shiny and divide it into ten parts. When it is ready, you can add coloring if you wish, although this is not essential.

The next step is to spread the corn starch on a surface and then flatten the dough on it. You can use a roller for it until it is completely smooth and round.

Then, cover the ice cream balls with the divided parts of the dough and shape them into rounds. For this it is advisable to use transparent paper, as this will make it easier for you to make it rounded. When the balls are ready, cover them with more cornstarch and put them in the freezer. That is when you will have your delicious homemade mochis ready to taste.