Helene Fischer starts the "Rausch Live" tour: that's what the fans can expect

The starting signal for the big Helene Fischer (38) "Rausch Live" tour should actually fall on March 21 in Bremen.

Helene Fischer starts the "Rausch Live" tour: that's what the fans can expect

The starting signal for the big Helene Fischer (38) "Rausch Live" tour should actually fall on March 21 in Bremen. But the singer sustained a rib fracture during rehearsals and had to postpone the concerts in Bremen and Cologne. The kick-off will finally take place on April 11th - in Hamburg.

The queen of hits plays concerts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The 38-year-old has a total of 70 appointments on her calendar. In addition to Hamburg, Bremen and Cologne, she will be on stage in Dortmund, Leipzig, Stuttgart, Oberhausen, Berlin, Mannheim, Hanover, Vienna, Zurich and Munich. The grand finale will take place on October 8th in Frankfurt. In addition to their biggest hits, fans can expect plenty of acrobatics at the shows.

As before, Helene Fischer works with the Canadian Cirque du Soleil on her tour. He will creatively accompany the concerts and stage the shows. The singer already indicated in her last Instagram posts how acrobatic the performances will be. Fischer gives a foretaste in several videos: In the first clip she can be seen with acrobats, in the second she hangs on the ropes and turns artfully. She is also standing on a human pyramid. In the third video, she levitates up an imaginary wall and shows a head-first pose.

"Their songs and their performance are merged by Cirque du Soleil into a unique show universe that unfolds before the eyes of the fans," their show is praised on the website of the Lanxess Arena in Cologne. Fans can look forward to music, dance and "sensational artistry". Fischer plays with the elements, "whether water, wind, light or energy". "Even gravity seems lifted when Helene Fischer hovers over the audience," it continues. She would resist fire and sing amidst a "monsoon-like rain".

Both the greatest hits and new songs are on the program. The Lanxess Arena continues: "In five spectacular, thoroughly choreographed acts, Germany's most successful entertainer, together with her band, dancers and world-class acrobats, tells a story about how you discover your individual skills and face the world with courage, confidence and... confidence can make every day a little bit better." She has never staged her songs in this way, she has never planned so much for the acrobatics.

"Together with Cirque du Soleil, we want to offer the fans an experience that has never existed before," Helene Fischer is quoted as saying on the Munich Olympic Hall website. "We want to create overwhelming moments full of emotions and create a true intoxication of the senses!" On the other hand, according to the official website of the organizer Live Nation, she "broke new ground" with the shows. During the acrobatics rehearsals, the singer also injured her ribs.

In 2022, Helene Fischer gave only one concert in Germany - in Munich. On August 20, she stood on the stage for almost two and a half hours in front of 130,000 spectators at the Munich Exhibition Center. It was the biggest concert of her career so far. Already there she was floating across the stage attached to a wire rope. ZDF summarized the highlights of the XXL show in the 75-minute concert film "Helene Fischer – When everything went nuts".

But it can be assumed that Fischer will up the ante on her new "Rausch Live" tour. In addition, fans do not have to worry about the weather this time. Because in contrast to the mega concert in 2022, where a thunderstorm and rain caused flooding, the performances in 2023 will take place in closed halls. If you haven't secured a ticket yet, you should be quick. There are still a few remaining tickets available. The catch-up dates in Bremen are planned from May 10th to 12th, in Cologne between August 25th and September 2nd. All tickets for the previously canceled shows remain valid.