Heidi Klum: That's what the "GNTM" winners are doing today

Heidi Klum (50) chooses "Germany's next top model" for the 18th time on June 15.

Heidi Klum: That's what the "GNTM" winners are doing today

Heidi Klum (50) chooses "Germany's next top model" for the 18th time on June 15. Then it will be decided whether Selma, Nicole, Somajia, Vivien or Olivia will win the race. So far there have been a total of 17 winners, many of whom still work in the model and influencer business. We show five successful winners of the last ten years.

The Austrian is the current winner and won the title in 2022. Since then it has been well booked. She adorned the magazine "Faces" and was seen in May together with her mother Martina (52) in a Mother's Day spread in the magazine "Madonna". She walked for designer Christian Siriano at New York Fashion Week 2022 and was part of the 2023 Dancer Against Cancer calendar. She regularly informs her almost 77,000 Instagram followers about her new jet set life.

She won the season in 2018 at the age of 17. The beauty with Nigerian roots was a favorite from an early age. Since then she has been jetting from one job to another and attending many parties. On Instagram, she collected 147,000 followers. For example, she adorned the Portuguese "Vogue" and only a few days ago took part in a panel talk at Mac-Cosmetics.

The 2017 winner is also on the road a lot and shared excerpts from her busy schedule with her 390,000 Instagram followers via social media: a boat trip off Ibiza for Jimmy Choo, St. Tropez with Etam, a photo shoot in Berlin and Cannes with L'Oréal... She also promotes Laura Biagiotti's new perfume.

The blonde lost her long blonde hair and her boyfriend "Honey" in the "GNTM" season in 2016, but was still able to win. Since then she has worked as a model and had many jobs, for example for the magazine "Harper's Bazaar" and the company "Hairfree". But she also got to know the downsides of the fast-moving industry: in 2021 she suffered a nervous breakdown, had to struggle with weight loss and stress symptoms. With the help of her family, she was able to work her way out of the valley and came back stronger. In May she celebrated at the Magnum Party in Cannes alongside superstars such as top model Irina Shayk (37) and is an ambassador for this year's Frankfurt Fashion Lounge. She is also successful as an influencer and has 260,000 followers.

The 2014 winner is the most successful "GNTM" face of the past ten years. She made a name for herself as an influencer and now has more than five million followers on Instagram. But she is also well booked as a model, recently she shot for "Fräulein Magazin". She founded her own beauty brand MoN and, together with her then boyfriend Marcus Butler (31), launched the fashion line NU-IN. She has also appeared in films such as "The Nanny" (2015) and "Asphalt Gorillas" (2018). In 2016 she helped singer Max Giesinger (34) make her breakthrough when she starred in her namesake's video "80 million".

"Germany's Next Top Model" has been on ProSieben for 18 years and has been moderated by Heidi Klum from the start. Winners so far: 2006 Lena Gercke, 2007 Barbara Meier, 2008 Jennifer Hof, 2009 Sara Nuru, 2010 Alisar Ailabouni, 2011 Jana Beller, 2012 Luisa Hartema, 2013 Lovelyn Enebechi, 2014 Stefanie Giesinger, 2015 Vanessa Fuchs, 2016 Kim Hnizdo, 2017 Celine Bethmann , 2018 Toni Dreher-Adenuga, 2019 Simone Kowalski, 2020 Jacky Wruck, 2021 Alex Mariah Peter, 2022 Lou-Anne Gleissenebner.

The 18th German "top model" will be chosen on Thursday, June 15, from 8:15 p.m. in Cologne. Guests of the finale are French fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier (71), Hollywood star Jennifer Lawrence (32), German singer Kim Petras (30), Klum's daughter Leni (19), rock band Scorpions, dancer Majnoon, ESC winner Loreen ( 39) and fashion designer Christian Cowan (26). Candidate Cassy (23) takes over the backstage moderation. At the opening, the finalists will be supported by the ensemble of the Friedrichstadt-Palast with the new grand show "Falling in Love".