Happy single life: Eight reasons against a relationship

There is still a social cliché that you HAVE to find a partner.

Happy single life: Eight reasons against a relationship

There is still a social cliché that you HAVE to find a partner. That a relationship in life is the non plus ultra. But being single also has many beautiful sides and there are various reasons that speak against a partnership.

Self-care time Back to the time with a cup of coffee just for yourself – rarely in life do you have as much time for yourself as when you are single and childless. Relaxed face masks, a nice documentary and sleep or go to the gym when you want.

Maintaining friendshipsA partnership takes a lot of time, so it can happen that one or the other friendship simply falls by the wayside. Maybe we saw each other every two weeks before and whoops, my partner and boyfriend or girlfriend last saw a month ago.

Time for self-realization Regardless of whether it is professional or private, self-realization falls by the wayside due to a lack of time or different ideas about life with your partner. You have much less time in a relationship to take care of what you always wanted to do in life. For example writing a book.

You grow in relationships. Everyone knows it, suddenly cooking together and eating out are the highlights of the week. And it's still so much fun to explore new restaurants with your partner or to cook the best recipes. Gaining weight is almost guaranteed in a partnership.

Less emotional ballast One usually worries and thinks more about a partner than about a boyfriend or girlfriend. You always live a little bit in the life of the other. So you get angry at your partner's boss or worry if he gets sick. Being single is all about your own emotional baggage.

More varied sex lifeAs a single person, you have the option of changing sexual partners at will compared to a classic monogamous relationship. If it gets too boring for you, you are looking for a new kick or you want to live abstinent forever: no problem.

Maximum freedomTomorrow to the sea, in three weeks to the other side of the world or simply cleaning the apartment at eight o'clock in the evening. It doesn't matter whether it's about travel, leisure activities, the daily to-dos or anything else, as a single you have maximum freedom to decide when to do what.

Less Conflict and Hurt "Love hurts," even in the best of relationships, conflict and hurt do occur from time to time. Some things are superficial everyday annoyances, other situations hurt you to the core. When you are single, you can mostly disappoint yourself, but not your partner.