Hamburg: air, fire, water: Helene Fischer starts mega tour

What Helene Fischer touches is usually pretty perfect.

Hamburg: air, fire, water: Helene Fischer starts mega tour

What Helene Fischer touches is usually pretty perfect. This is also the case with their new tour for the album "Rausch", which started in Hamburg on Tuesday. The 38-year-old not only belted out one hit after the other, she also conjured up a breathtaking show on stage together with her dancers and the Cirque du Soleil acrobatic team. Whether in the air or surrounded by fire or water - the Schlager superstar Helene Fischer delighted the approximately 12,000 visitors in the Barclays Arena in Hamburg.

For herself, the start of her mega tour - the first after a five-year break - was also a special experience, as she said after a few songs. "It's a highly emotional evening for us today." The team has been rehearsing very hard over the past few months. However, an injury to the singer had thwarted the plans.

Change of plans due to rib fracture

The start of the long tour with 71 concerts and around 700,000 fans was originally planned for March 21 in Bremen. However, the entertainer had to cancel it at short notice because she sustained a rib fracture during an acrobatic rehearsal.

On Tuesday evening, the singer assured that she is doing well after the injury: "Don't worry about me, because I'm doing fantastic. The doctors gave me the green light. Nothing can stop me today. I'm not reckless, but I'm just in the mood for tonight."

And with exactly this mood, Helene Fischer then went through the three-hour show. She performed more than 25 songs, including her classics "Atemlos durch die Nacht", "Phänomen" and "Achterbahn" as well as songs from the new "Rausch" album such as "Blitz" and "Luftballon".

She changed her mostly skimpy outfit several times - often during the short breaks in which the fantastic artists from Cirque du Soleil showed their skills in the air on ropes, ribbons or on swings or tires. "I get to work with Cirque du Soleil again," said Fischer. "There are really great talents sharing the stage with me here today!"

Romantically connected with life partner Seitel

More than once Fischer was also part of the circus acrobatics - there was no sign of her rib injury. Many fans held their breath during these numbers, as both the fishermen and the artists were unsecured at dizzy heights.

The most romantic moment of the show was the appearance with her life partner Thomas Seitel. "It was the first time I wrote songs myself for my new album," she said shortly before the song "Hand in Hand". "This is a very personal song that means a lot to me. The couple, who have one child together, performed gymnastics elegantly, daringly and in love on ribbons high above the stage.

You can think what you like about Helene Fischer. But what she brings to the stage artistically and musically is very impressive and entertaining. The sales figures for concert tickets show this again and again. Part of the concept is certainly also the constantly new tasks that Helene Fischer faces again and again. After her performance of the song "Never Enough" she said: "That's kind of my motto too. I always try to go a little further and challenge myself." She is very proud of the 2023 show. "I enjoy it endlessly. I absorb it all. What a mega start with you today," said the versatile artist on stage.

"Only Helene Fischer can do such a big tour in Germany. Rammstein can't do that," said historian and hit expert Ingo Grabowsky to the German Press Agency. "These are real revue shows that she delivers, only on a grand scale."

Non-Schlager fans in Fischer fever

Fischer has been a superstar since her hit "Atemlos durch die Nacht" released in 2013. A secret of success is that the 38-year-old sings about things "that almost all of us have already experienced". She conveys the image of a girl next door. Helene Fischer has long since become a phenomenon herself. She inspires millions of people, no matter what age. And even many non-Schlager fans can definitely get something out of the charming 38-year-old and her entertaining shows.

"Men and women can do something with Helene Fischer. If men swarm for them, their women will hardly be jealous. She is a dream woman for both sexes," said pop expert Grabowsky.

The album "Rausch" was released in autumn 2021. Most recently, the trained musical actress, who is one of the most successful musicians in Europe with more than 17 million records sold, was on tour in 2018. After a baby break, she returned to the stage in 2022 and gave her biggest concert to date in Munich in front of around 130,000 fans. For her current tour, 30 dancers and acrobats are on stage with her. The entire team consists of 150 men and women, 32 trucks drive equipment and technology to the other 14 tour stations.

Other planned stops on their mega tour include Dortmund, Leipzig, Stuttgart, Oberhausen, Berlin, Mannheim, Hanover, Vienna, Zurich, Arnhem and Munich. The unusual concerts in Bremen and Cologne should also be made up for. Fischer is on stage in almost every city on several evenings, and four more appearances are planned in Hamburg. The last concert is on October 8, 2023 in Frankfurt am Main.