Halloween: Carve pumpkins: Use these tips to create scary, beautiful grimaces

In the USA, people make a huge spectacle out of the spooky holiday.

Halloween: Carve pumpkins: Use these tips to create scary, beautiful grimaces

In the USA, people make a huge spectacle out of the spooky holiday. The more unusual the costumes and decorations are, the better. There are also many fans here in Germany. Children especially love to go around the neighborhood on Halloween evening and collect candy. However, the parents have to ensure that the home is decorated in style. At the forefront: carving scary faces into pumpkins. We'll show you step by step how to create the perfect grimace.

There are numerous types of pumpkin, but the well-known Hokkaido pumpkins are best suited for the Halloween version. These pumpkins are a good size and are stable to place on the ground. You can usually find Hokkaidos in any supermarket, pumpkin fields or weekly markets. If you have a pumpkin patch near you, purchasing the right Halloween pumpkin can make for a fun family outing.

Suitable tools include sharp knives or cutters from the craft store. Small children should therefore not carve themselves and older children should only do so under supervision. Please note that only rough grimaces are possible with conventional kitchen knives. If you have no practice or little dexterity, carving with classic knives can be difficult. So if you would like to carve more delicate patterns and more elaborate grimaces, just use a pumpkin carving set. This makes the works of art easier and quicker.

However, the choice of motif does not end with the classic grimace. There are also stencils that bring witches, mummies or skulls to life (for example in this stencil set). If you don't use a carving set, you'll also need a spoon to hollow out the pumpkin.

Only a few steps are necessary to carve the Halloween pumpkin.

Tip: Before you start carving, you can pre-punch the lines. This makes it easier and more precise to cut the pumpkin afterwards. Such tools are already included in the carving sets. Otherwise, you can use a thumbtack or pin.

You can also put out a Halloween pumpkin before the holiday. Ultimately, the creations bring joy to the children and are a great eye-catcher in the house and garden. The drier the pumpkin is, the less likely it is to form mold. After carving, allow the pumpkin to dry. You can then coat the inside of the pumpkin thinly with petroleum jelly or rinse it with vinegar water. Hairspray is a good way to make the outside of the pumpkin more durable.

The eerily beautiful pumpkin grimace just needs a final detail. The spooky pumpkins look particularly good as light decorations. The grimace only really comes into its own when candlelight flickers through it. It's best to use electric candles so you can leave your Halloween creation unattended without worry.

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