"Großstadtrevier": Not a good start for the new police officer

The "Großstadtrevier" (Das Erste, since 1986) starts its 35th season on Monday (September 5th) at 6:50 p.

"Großstadtrevier": Not a good start for the new police officer

The "Großstadtrevier" (Das Erste, since 1986) starts its 35th season on Monday (September 5th) at 6:50 p.m. with 16 new episodes. It is with a heavy heart that the Hamburg PK 14 team say goodbye to police officer Nina Sieveking. She leaves in episode 482, which is expected to air in mid-November.

She has been embodied since 2012 by the Berlin actress Wanda Perdelwitz (38). In May 2021, Sieveking was still the central figure in the first primetime edition "Großstadtrevier - St. Pauli, 06:07 a.m." of the successful evening series. The policewoman experienced a personal catastrophe in the unusually dramatic and very exciting film: When a dispute between three men escalated, she intervened, was brutally beaten up and none of the bystanders helped her...

So now the spirited Harry Möller (Maria Ketikidou, 56), the charming Lukas Petersen (Patrick Abozen, 37) and Co. need reinforcement. Of the three applicants who introduce themselves to the always very correct district manager Mrs. Küppers (Saskia Fischer, 56), only one comes into question after an announcement from above, to her great chagrin: Bente Hinrichs from rural Dithmarschen. She is assigned to Petersen and her start at the Hamburg police station is extremely unfortunate - not only because her colleagues still mourn the loss of her predecessor.

Bente Hinrichs is played from episode 483 by Sinha Melina Gierke (33) from Berlin and she likes her role, which then apparently proves to be very useful. "What I like most about Bente is that she says directly what she thinks and doesn't hide behind the mountain," says the actress in an interview with the broadcaster. "I really enjoy playing scenes where she just speaks her mind, whether it's her boss, her colleagues, or a witness, a suspect, standing in front of her."

In the new episodes, viewers can expect many exciting cases:

It's about a missing body at the undertaker's, a highway assassination attempt on a teacher and his family, a pastor who is apparently too progressive for some, injuries in a hit connection, domestic violence, illegal dog trafficking, blackmail, burglaries and the kidnapping of the Hamburg cult singer Jan Delay (46).

But everyday life also occupies the neighborhood police officers in the anniversary season:

The friendly policeman Daniel Schirmer (Sven Fricke, 42) gets a tattoo for his 15th wedding anniversary. The experienced Helmut Husmann (Torsten Münchow, 56) falls in love with a tabloid reporter of all people. The extremely relaxed Nils Sanchez (Enrique Fiß, 29) gets into a serious conflict between friendship and police work. And ghosts of the past descend on Harry Möller.

Theft is part of day-to-day business, but Harry Möller and Nils Sanchez have never had to locate a corpse that suddenly disappears from the undertaker's table. Nils doesn't like the job at all: The theory that the dead Heinz Gebers (Jasper Vogt, 77) escaped the coffin on his own two feet solidified in his head. To his reassurance, the indications that the deceased sailor apparently started his penultimate voyage in a Fisch-Frings transporter in proper style soon accumulated.

Missing bodies remain a rarity, but burglaries during funerals are on the rise. Lukas Petersen and Daniel Schirmer suspect that the perpetrators take relevant data from obituaries. But this thesis does not come true. It is the mourners with expensive cars who become victims of the burglary through an owner query. The only problem is that only people with access to the system like the officers at police station 14 have access to this data. Is there a mole among them?

The new episodes can always be seen on Mondays and in the ARD media library. And the twelve episodes of the 36th season are already in the works.

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